Monday, February 07, 2011

Hop for the best

Woo, in the blink of an eye, it's Day 5 of Chinese New Year! Good times seem to fly by more quickly, in particular when there is a long wkend. Seems like 2011 doesn't have too many long wkends thus I was really appreciative. Technically, it's Day 1 of work but I'm totally not in the mood. Prolly due to the spill over effects of visitings and overdose of goodies. I'm glad I made it through the festival albeit being bombarded (as usual) by middle-aged aunts with annoying questions like when will I be having children. Typical conversation:

Aunt: So any news?
Me: yeah..there is news on Channel 5 or 8..or do u want China news on Cable?

Aunt: So when am I getting the egg?
Recently married cousin: Go to the supermarket and buy it!

Hahaha..i think my witty cousin is simply hilarious. Seriously, i think such queries are merely to fill up those awkward conversation lulls. Visiting is sometimes a drag, especially when you meet the same ppl at different location. Sweetie's family is more efficient. Meet up @ Granny's on the eve, have the reunion dinner, hang around till midnight and distribute ang baos. No individual visitations. Sweet. On the other hand, my family's visitations are spread over 2 days. But even if the new year rituals are a drag, i guess in some sense we derive a sense of satisfaction from having suffered through the motions. One minor ritual I dislike however, is the the giving of ang bao. I rather be on the receiving end but of coz, I have obligationis to meet as a married person. This isn't an uncharted territory, for I have about 4 yrs of experience now. But somehow, I still have a bit of a dilemma when it comes to HOW MUCH? Ang bao is a gesture of good wishes thus should not be a material yardstick, however, many may think otherwise. I recall this particular student who received a small packet of $4 from me (she had 2 other siblings!!) 2 yrs ago, and when I told her to write a composition on Chinese New Year, she wittily wrote that she was disgusted to receive a pathetic amount ($4) from a certain someone! The audacity! Clearly, her upbringing isn't all that good -- one reason for giving her that SMALL packet! 2 yrs down the road, she has not receive a cent from me! This definitely helps in the capital outflow that I have to contend with.

Now for a peek to what I did for the last few days:

Outfit of the day...nice fitting Cheongsam

One of the places we visited. Gardens @ Bishan. The structure is a reminisce of the condo we stayed at whilst in Guangzhou several years ago. Such architecture is rare in tiny Singapore.

Day 4's shoes. CUTENESS right?

Whipping up a storm for friends. Supervising my Sous Chef :)

Nice to make new friends

Yusheng is a raw fish salad which was popularised in Singapore in 1960s. The ingredients usually include shredded carrot and radish, ginger, orange peel, pomelo bits, golden crackers, slices of raw fisha and a plum sauce dressing.

Dish 1: Spinach with clams

Dish 2: Braised Mushroom with mock abalone

Dish 4: Golden Garlic Prawns
Dish 5: Emperor's Herbal Chicken (I forgot to take a picture of that!)

Soup of the day: Lotus Root & Peanut Soup

To top it off, a good bottle of white & red wine

My satisfied customers
The night ended really well and relatively early with mahjong and chit-chats. Wish everyday can be like this! Now I must really psych myself up for work amidst the festivities and hop for the best in all my endeavors!


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