Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ushering the Wabbit year!

This may come a tad late, but then again, we have 15 days of celebration, so GONG XI FA CAI everyone! Hope it'd be a year full of good cheer and health!

Time really flew by like a speeding bullet. It was officially 2011 just a couple of weeks back and now it's the lunar new year. Frankly, things didn't really sink in till now. This new year is, again, full of repetition, obligation, tradition and duty. It's actually a great time to fly off and escape from it all as this year, CNY falls on a long wkend...however, we (or at least, I) have to stay. It's easier on the pocket too (unless we run off to somewhere near like Malaysia) Unfortunately, at this point in time, Frugal is the keyword. Was speaking to the hubs and we have really polar views on this entire visitation thingy. His family works very simply. Everyone gathers at granny's place, distributes ang baos and calls it a day. Mine, u basically have to visit one aunt to another, but seeing the same visitors over and over again. I would think it does force us a little to make that effort to keep something. Social's really quite important as mostly we see those relatives once a year and it's this time you find out what they are doing. You'd be surprised what news awaits you! ie. I'm gonna be an aunt (again) this Vday; the little no-longer-innocent cousins are getting weirder; the coming-of-age adolescents have suddenly shot up in height and we are holding more intellectual conversations...and the list goes on. One thing I hate most though, is how the old follies enjoy regaling the young ones with stories of their activities. + pressuring my biological clock. So jaded when I hear of such stuff. Things don't get any easier when you learn that your cousin who got married a year ago is going to be father this Feb. Don't they know, stress doesnt help? I liked though, how a fellow cousin answered when bombarded with such questions:
Old Aunt: So when am I gonna get to carry your baby?
Cousin: ohh u want one? go supermarket and buy one

haha how original.

The year has begun on a rather painful note. Painful due to the onslaught of migraine and ulcers. I seriously should try to be more obedient! Had two deep fried chicken wings the other day and the deluge of headaches and neckaches just poured. But I've been restraining. Keeping to the motto of drinking only warm water. I think I'm doing good in the face of temptation.

The above are gifts from kind souls! I can simply open a cookie shop!
Hopefully they'll vanish soon! The temptation is just so strong!

Reunion luncheon @ Mummy's. Was rather annoyed with her as she waited for me to arrive and slice up all the ingredient and marinate them! So she basically prepared the curry and plain soup! Was nagging the whole time how tiring it is for her to put this together! Sigh

Did not have many representation of the rabbit at home, thus did the next best thing -- DRAW!
and MADE two really adorable origami wabbits!

Reunion over at Sweetie's granny's house. Now this is what I call festivity! the mood is so apparent over there with 4 generations under one roof!

Sweetie luring the happy kid with food!

It's FA CAI time!
Outfit of Day 1. :)
Outfit for day 2: LOVE it max!

Visited godma today and am glad all is well with her. The dog (Lucky) is getting fat, but he's such an adorable member of the family! The moment he misbehaves, all the owner has to do is to say she's gonna get a cane and the little doggie will hide in between the sofa!

It lovessssss being tickeled and caressed!

After a great BBQ with family, it's time to head home for some gambling action.

Wonder if we'd be caught for mass gambling when this gets published?! hhaha...Sweetie really needs to do something about his luck...sigh.

With another year, the past gets left further and further behind. Reflect on this year and manifest what's next!


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