Saturday, February 19, 2011


Was not quite in the mood to blog honestly, but something inspiring just struck me thus here i am.

So what's the big news? SGD $1,280,233! That's what? Small sum to some, but it's an obscene amount to me! Friend W is one of the lucky 9 winners of tonight's TOTO! (not sure if it's true though) A depressed sweetie had been pinning his hopes on this but as usual, lady luck's not quite smiling at him.

ME: OMG u are one of the 9 lucky winners? SGD $1,280,233?? OMG OMG OMG (totally ecstatic)
W: ya (flaccid response)

It sounds like it's a norm for him! GOSH. With a 7-figure winning, I sure can fulfill most of my dreams! For now, they can only be dreams.

Sigh, wonder when are things gonna start changing? Some divine intervention would really be nice. In Sick and in Health, for poorer or for wealth. How true. Am really trying to cope but it seems so impossible. I'm becoming a nasty piece of wok with a mangled soul despite the "chio" superficial exterior. Last year was the year of the ferocious Tiger. A year which signifies placid pace of growth than in previous years. Prolly that's why things were moving ever so slowly. Dreams seems far and beyond. On the other hand, rabbits move at an unhurried pace and are tranquil and serene, so will that mean a slow year again? Come on! My birthday is nearing, but somewhat I'm having a surreal mix of emotions. A celebration of any kind at this juncture would be good, but this year, I don't foresee Sky on 57 or FiftyThree @ Armenian, or the Triple Three Restaurant. Not that it ever happened, but it doesnt hurt to dream right? Even on Vday, there was nothing but campbell soup cooked with loads of love after much whining and nagging. u can't fault me...the hub kept my hopes high by saying that he'll do some grocery shopping and whip up a steak @ 10pm. But at 915pm when i texted, his reply was: I had dinner. too hungry, go pack your own dinner. Thanks. so much for romance. Not that I'm that into this hallmark occasion, but the bubble of expectation was blown and deflated by him.

When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place

Gosh, didn't I say I wasn't in the mood to blog? What started off as unbelievable news is tapering into the usual ramblings. Ok, I'd better stop and spice this post with photos:

The annual mahjongkahki reunion luncheon this year was held at the Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant. Can't their name be a little shorter?? It's so cliche too! It's depressing to see creativity lacking.

Reservations was for 1:30pm but I think it was about 2pm that we had our three tables! Probably having vision problem due to hunger, most of us thought the above was a piece of chocolate! Turned out to be a mat for the tea pot! haha

The Family. Seems like it's growing with several new, young additions.

Service was horrendous. Given that it's CNY, I do understand they may be understaff but that's not excuse for forgetting my cup of hot water after 3 reminders! We were particularly exasperated when after the first or second dish was served, we were told that it was gonna be last order for the tim sum menu and that we had to hurry! Imagine our disappointment and frustration. To add fuel to that, when we queried the quantity of each portion, we were told that there'd be 4 pcs on each plate, thus after some arithmetic, we ordered, only to find out that some items came in 3s. The number of people @ our table was in mutiple of 4. Obviously the sum did not quite equate. We feedbacked to the captain, but she said it's not entirely their fault and that it's actually quite enough as we've ordered a large variety. That's not the point! We wanted everyone to have a pc of everything! It was clear to me the lady wanted the easy way out instead of changing the orders for us. To make matters worse, before everything else, friend X informed me that the cutlery was dirty! No matter how good the food is, if the service sux, customers are unlikely to return.

Playing with the new kid on the block.

Presenting: the old kids on the block!

"If you're going through hell, keep going. "

~Sir Winston Churchill


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