Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Loft living magnified

The morning was grey and wild. Rain came with such velocity that it struck into my flesh like cold needles. The heavens was a pale blue dome. It's been raining incessantly for days, but my mood -- SUNNY :)

Just last Sunday, the gals and I visited S at her new place. A cool zephyr was blowing; it brought with it an aromatherapy that filled the air with a soothing scent of freshly cut grass. I didn't know I was in for a visual treat. S is probably one of the more successful ones, who married early and have 2 bundle of joys, with one more on the way. Now, to add to her milestones, she's the proud owner of a landed property! For those who know, Singapore's property prices are insane. It had been fueled by investors who were trying their luck at flipping (that is until the government stepped in with several cooling measures). Coupled with the fact that Singapore is just a tiny dot on the map, land scarcity is a major problem and push factor for crazy prices. Thus, to own a landed property (without parental backing) at this relatively young age is to the envy of many. Or at least me.

Was greeted by this beautiful foliage the moment I entered. With a huge custom door that allows light to flow out to the patio (or vice versa).

A swing cleverly installed for the kids. Clever. Radiant-heated concrete floor -- SWOON

The clean lines of the living room's furniture juxtaposed with the designer's art and that incredible colourful chair (below) demonstrate that when designing interiors, opposite tastes can truly make for a great thing.

One of my favourite feature! Noooo not Mohammad Ali! The wall! The taste is marked by a minimalistic aesthetic feel. THe artwork and accessories seem to stand out against the subdued paint colours.

Another love! The gorgeous dining table made from recycled teak. Vintage + urban & contemporary digs..all in one!

The spacious and inviting space is further enhanced by this to-die-for island! The kitchen provides a great space for entertaining! Pity the owners don't cook often! The cabinets were of interest. They were in fact filing cabinets! Functional yet sophisticated. Space was further created by concealed storage and that activated visual cues and connection.

Upon ascending to the second floor, a new horizontal composition of windows reveals a new heaven. Though not much of a view, I would love to have a little balcony, just to be rejuvenated by the fresh air every morning.

The designer created exceptionally subtle manipulations of form and space. The long line of wardrobe didnt look that bulky, yet was able to store a whole lot, because its width span across two rooms! Talk about ingenuity!

kids' room.
The couple celebrates parenthood by letting bright, kid-friendly elements dominate the space. Due to the high ceiling, a playroom was created.

The little ones have to climb up in order to go up to their "tree top". A perfect hiding place when mommy wants them down for homework! The place is simply an aesthetic treasure hunt.

The piece separating heaven and earth, is made of tampered glass, thus the kids' safety is assured.

A board just for graffiti

The designer's keen sense of design flourished into fruition.

On to the master bedroom. On first glance, the gals reaction was that this place is in fact two rooms! Boy were we wrong! We could probably partition three rooms from this! talk about posh living! Definitely posh, after spending a bomb at renovation (approx SGD180k)

Love this shelf!!!! + the books! So sleek and organized!

The stylish connection to the world beyond. Every girl's dream. A wild dream for most. Left: His clothes; Right: Her clothes. According to S, the contractor couldn't help giggling when he was building the wardrobe. He felt that this couple's in the retail scene.

After the tour, we sat down to chill. Cakes from Cedele and pastries from all over. It was great fun with great company!

Soon the setting sun set pale streamers of purple and orange across the blue of the heavens. It was standing in the saffrom west sky. The day had ended as beautifully as it started. The rain simply perks me up!


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