Thursday, October 27, 2011

As the wait begins

It's day 7 of rest and rest I did. I surprised myself just how much I can actually sleep. Ok I don't exactly sleep all that much as I've been getting up periodically at 1am/ 3am/ 6am and finally at 8am. But the ability to get so much done during my rest days is amazing. Oh, and watch TV. I can't remember the last time I watched TV like this - lying on the couch endlessly flipping channels and spacing out. Wow, is this how most people spend their time relaxing?! (as opposed to doing 90000 things and getting oneself frustrated?!)

Well, just to share....some of the things I did over the past few days:

Met up with E sis on a Monday. Such luxury! Planned to do a mani and pedi (since I can hardly reach my toes) and decided against making and appointment thinking that no one in the right mind would be doing such a tai tai-ish thing at 12noon. WELL WRONG! apparently there are a lot of tai tais or perhaps "rich aunties" around and 3 palours I visited were full! Almost giving up, I chanced upon this place at Victoria Street (Bugis Village) called Nail Spa and decided to give them a buzz. It took them by surprise that I was coming NOW. It was a pretty good deal -- First trial: $38 for a classic mani and pedi. Service was pretty good too. Only qualm i had -- climbing up 3 levels with a basketball with me. Thereafter, we went for a good meal at Iluma. Decided to check out the Ramen festival they were having and oooo, the pork broth was excellent!!! However, somehow, no char siew in Singapore seem to meet the quality of Japan. Personally, I'm not a fan of the fats on the char siew but after my maiden trip to Japan with H, I decided to give it a chance. The ones in Tokyo simply MELTS in your mouth. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Singapore's standard.Desserts are a must these days. Ended off nicely with a Goma Cheesecake at Shokudo (dont know if I got the spelling right).
Desserts were certainly the theme for last wkend when I caught up with XL and H. More than often, meeting up with friends whom you have not seen but yet have that familiar feeling, is a basket of joy. This time, I suggested GOBI as I wanted to check out their full month cakes. Typical Singaporean attitude? I think not given that most places require 2 wks advance order. Anywayz, I was very impressed with their meticulous efforts in creating their masterpieces. They were too pretty to be eaten. Service was good as the staff, seeing that I was a potential customer, gave me a sample of the full month cake. It was a tad too sweet but more importantly, I doubt the seniors would appreciate such gifts. I'd probably come across as stingy in their minds should I be giving out only two tiny 2inch chocolate pastries, 2 ang ku kways and 2 red eggs. Will probably have to go for the typical economical kind in the market. Boo.

Had an overwhelming urge to order the "FANTASY" despite having two of the below. Shared it with XL and H in case it dawns upon you that I'm such a glutton!

Awesome apple tart. Can't remember the exact name but it was DELISH!
Molten Chocolate Lava Cake -- All time favourite!

They say that if you are having a girl, you tend to have a sweet tooth. The initial stages of my pregnancy did not show such signs but somehow, such cravings are surfacing these days. A fortunate thing as well coz if it started off too fast and furious, there may be a tendency for gestational diabetes. Which is why I've avoided the King of fruits -- DURIAN till today...ok I was guilty on two accounts, but give the woman a break!

Empress Dowager treated me to brunch the other day. It was a little Thai restuarant near her work place. I must say the food was rather decent and for the above, we paid only $17.90!! how awesome is that? Lil watermelon was probably on a Thai spree as that evening, the hub and I had another round of Thai food at Mad Thai along East Coast Road. On a semi-related note, Empress Dowager decided to throw a bomb at me: She's going on a short trip to Msia on 6 Nov which is supposedly my EDD. THanks for being there for me Mom! I constantly remind myself that I mustn't be anything like her.

The above were quite some time ago but didn't really have the time to blog. Cousin-in-law was back for a bit from Australia thus the family decided to feast on crabs. On a usual day, I would be jumping in joy, but ever since having lil watermelon, I try to avoid. According to the Chinese, eating crabs would result in the kid being very "touchy"..can't keep his/her hands to themselves. On a more scientific note, crabs feast on decaying stuff thus it wouldn't be wise to be introducing such matter to the tummy right this moment. However, the family, in particular the MIL didn't really quite understand my rationale and was busy discussing my nonsensical theory. In the end, I gave in to pressure and temptation. I'd definitely be back for more after a month or so! The BBQ crabs were decked with so much roe!! Mind you, advance booking of the exact quantity is needed. We wanted extras, but the chef told us there weren't any left at 8pm!

Been trying to clear out the fridge and treat myself better with nourishing homecook food. It has been a while since I've cooked and am so glad I haven't lost the touch. I would say that I am a B+ cook, verging on A sometimes. Cooking is always therapeutic for me and having homecooked lunch/ dinner on a weekday is such a luxury for me!! Wish such times don't have an expiry date to it.

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.

~ Harriet Van Horne.

Friend W kindly lent us his DSLR in anticipation of lil watermelon's arrival. I've been in a dilemma as to whether we should get a DSLR, but have been hesitating due to its bulk and price. Thus when the hub managed to borrow it from W, I was ecstatic and tested it out on the above clothes shoot. From the looks of things, the amount of clothes that lil watermelon has is gaining on mommy! Am soooo jealous that I didn't have such adorable numbers when I was young!


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