Saturday, October 08, 2011

Unpredictability in Babies - Bathing & more

Taking notice of the little details make me light up. Even though the hubs isn't with me for the last 2 wks, my little cantaloupe is enthusiastically keeping me company and not to mention awake. It's fun to keep track of how she grows and in the blink of an eye, I'm moving into wk 36!! OMG! somebody shoot me! It's been 9 mths already? This is moving all too fast!

The last two weeks had been utterly overwhelming. That might have been an understatement. With the hub travelling intensely, I had to attend the antenatal classes myself. Thankfully the hubs managed to catch the class on labour where the various pain-relief methods were shared. During the video screening, both of us looked at each other with fear sketched on our faces. Crimson red blood isn't our thing, but sweet enough, the hub said he will be there for me. Let's hope and pray that isn't lip service. Despite close gfs offering to go with me and hinting to the SIL that I needed company (only to receive no reply on the matter), I decided to be the independent woman of the millennium and drive myself to Mt A for class. It's really no laughing matter to be driving at this stage. Getting in and out of the car is beginning to be a chore. Ingesting heaps of new info after a long day at work is also brain-draining. I've even resorted to snapping a video of bathing the newborn as my brain was simply on standby mode. Information was so overloading that we ran into overtime and the whole lesson lasted for 2.5hours instead of 2hours. By the time I headed home and had dinner, it was already 930pm. Considerably early compared to if I were to be working -- a consolation much?

During the whole time, hubbies were whipping up their iphones, taking shots of their wives practising the cradle hold or the football hold while I wallow in self-pity. Ok, I didn't really have the strength to dwell on that but indeed, loneliness was enveloping me. The only shot I managed to take was of the fake doll. I didn't want to look like a crazy woman trying to camwhore with a doll. Like I mentioned before, this whole journey seems to be a PHD. The amount of information and books given by others have not even been 1/4 touched. Sadly, I'm not much of a reader. Solution- To compile whatever I have learnt in bite size. Here's some to share:
Interesting note to self: If baby has the cradle cap, apply olive oil. Myth or fact? hmmmm..

Meanwhile, checklist:
Hospital bag 80% packed
Baby closet packed
Decor for nursery & playpen -- arrived but still in incubation
Pre-admission hospitalisation form -- to be submitted
Name for little cantaloupe -- Still working on it

Somehow, no matter how prepared one is, there's this feeling of settlement. But for now, I shall just embrace the love and company of my love one and look forward to an exciting time next week! It's gonna be a special moment next wkend! :)




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