Sunday, October 30, 2011

Distracting myself with Crafts

The rains and floods have dried up (for a short while only I hope!) and today is well, a relatively nice a sunny day. However, somehow, I haven't had it good for the last couple of days. Been feeling nauseous and had two bouts of vomiting spells over the last two days. It feels like I'm in the first trimester all over again. The feeling is all too familiar. Read up about it and apparently nauseousness is a sign of labour!! AHHHHH somebody quick call the ambulance!

Ok, to distract myself, I've been doing heaps of late. Firstly, I'm proud to say that after all the technical glitches and obstacles, the highly anticipated and procrastinated project of's like a baby to me launched -- JUMPSTART TUTORS!

Jumpstarttutors is dedicated to help parents get the right tutor to bring out the genius potential that lives within the heart of every child so that together we may pave the way to a better tomorrow. Being an educator for so many years, I feel it's time to help more parents cope with the whole education frenzy.

Being a very aesthetic person, the site had to be close to perfection before its launch. I won't deny but I'm no HTML guru or CSS stylesheet reader thus the whole experience was pretty exasperating especially when you know there's help just an arm's length away (the hub) but you can't get it because he's always so preoccupied. So independence worked its way and paid off! I even designed my own business card for the record! Achievement much! With all these creativity mounting, my obsession with crafts started to bloom once again. Checked out several craft sites set up by SAHMs and am inspired! If only i have the time and resources, but most importantly, can be a SAHM!!! I realise how much I can achieve, given time, but yet again, to have time, we need money! It's the hard truth. Very often I envision myself marrying my passion and work but somehow, it's just so hard.

Anyhowz, check out the crafty resources which I've pooled together and hopefully will embark on them one day soon! Afterall, Xmas is round the corner!

This is pretty manageable. I'm sure I can do something like that for my desk before the new year :) is also a necessity since memory failure is here to stay for at least 2 more years after pregnancy according to sources.


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