Saturday, October 22, 2011

Freebies galore!

Good news! Lil Watermelon is engaged as at 37 wks 5 days!!! WOOHOO! Have forgotten to ask the gynae is it's in the posterior or Anterior position. Am hoping that it'd be the latter. It's a wonderful and relieving news however, at the same time, it being only Day 2 of my rest day, I'm really hoping the lil one will allow mommy to rest a little more before deciding to make her appearance! I sooo need to sleep!!!

Have been running loads of last minute errands and making sure things are in place. Confinement stuff have been settled. Namely:
  1. Herbs (30 packets compliments from the MIL!! WOOHOO!! i can bathe everyday if i like!)
  2. Klorane Dry shampoo
  3. Pads pads and more pads!! (apparently one can bleed anything from 5 days to 2 mths after giving birth!)
  4. Disposable gloves (in case i need to touch water during the first month)
  5. Liquid disinfectant (hygiene is still important even though we aren't allowed to touch water. A myth which I choose to abide....don't wish for those aches and pains to haunt me in future!)
The hospital bag has been packed. More or less I guess...though somehow there's still a slight unsettled feeling. Mommy matters settled, now for baby. Below are some freebies to share:

Diaper Sample
Drypantz / Drypers Diaper 1800 466 3002
Fitti / Pet Pet Diaper 6861 9155
Huggies / Pull Up Pants / Little Swimmers Diaper 1800 484 4437
Mamypoko / Pull Up Pants Diaper 6265 1648
Goo.N Diapers – Register and get a free sample of the Goo.N Diaper.

Milk Powder Sample
I shall monitor the breastmilk flow before requesting for any. Am really hoping that things will work out nicely.
(Mamil series) Milk
NutriLine at 1800 265 3188
Friso Milk
Friso hotline at 64198484
Abbott (Similac / Gain / Grow / Pediasure / Isomil) Milk Wyeth (Promil Gold / Progress Gold / Promise Gold) Milk
Nestle – You can’t ask for free samples over the Internet for nestle. But there’s a customer service number which you can call to ask for NAN sample and Brown Rice/White Rice cereal samples. Updated on 21 March 2011 – You can now join Nestle Baby Club and request to be sent a NANPRO or NAN-HA when baby turns 6 months old!
Mead Johnson (Enfa series) Milk
Enfa – Here’s the Enfapro, Enfagrow & Enfakid or Enfamama milk powder. If you sign up as the club member, they will send you a 400g tin of milk powder when your baby is 6 months old. After which, they will send 2 packets of the 1 year old milk powder. But if I remember correctly, their membership has an expiry date.
Karihome goats milk Milk Punggol Plaza 2nd floor kids shop

Others (Baby Stuff)

√ Depending on which hospital you gave birth to your child, you will get a Bag of Love or the Baby Plus guidebook. Check out here.

√ If you are staying in the southwest district, you can get a babybliss cash-card valued at $38! This amount is good for paying off some ERP or car park charges right?! For those who do not drive, you can buy your baby items and pay off using the cash-card. Check out details here.

Sanitary Pads

Kao Laurier


You may call me a cheapo but having a kid is no joke at all, especially when the mommy herself is high-maintenance. Thank goodness for the host of resources! On an entirely separate note, empress dowager has informed that she'd be going on tour to JB on Nov 6 which is supposedly my EDD and the hubs has pre-empted me that he needs to travel from Nov 14-15. Talk about having pre-post-natal blues!!! I really hope and pray that all will go well and it's not wishful thinking that everything's gonna be a breeze.


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