Saturday, September 06, 2008

It'd makan time again!!

Guess who made this Big breakfast set for me? What a pleasant surprise to see breakfast on the table when u get out of bed. Thanks 老公!
In case u can't tell what's this (which i certainly dont blame u since it's soo artistically presented), it's Cod fish with some sauce made up of dark soya sauce, oyster sauce sugar etc etc.... Finally my cod's not shattered after frying! Thanks for Kristie's Ah ma's secret recipe!
Felt like having some meat that night, so here we have it -- Cajun chicken!
This was the spread I whipped up in errrr half an hour or so? Not bad ok!! hUGE improvement! Ended lessons at 630pm, went to GIANT to buy the raw materials, bia go home, on the way, rained cats and dogs. Couldn't see where i was going, had to go on snail's pace. Finally reach home and it was close to 8pm! Darling had a conference, so asked me to cook, so here's my report card! Not bad right? I'm so so so proud of myself! *pat pat*


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