Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why the lack of fanfare?

Look at them fly!
Step aside man, Zhang Yi Ning!
How they "see' the ball, i seriously dont know!
The hits and the misses..Awwwww
True friendship. Doing things hand in hand.
It must be such a painful experience emotionally to fall at such a big event. but the courage and determination is worth more than a medal!

The Olympics just ended and here comes a more meaning event -- The paralympics. It's an event that would show even greater perserverence and mental strength. An event which salutes true atheletes. Yet, very little media coverage is given. At least in sunny Singapore that is. Not even when that babe won the nation's first ever bronze paralympics medal in Equestrian. The celebration given to her was in pale contrast from what was given to Jiawei, Aunty Yue Gu and my idol Feng Tienwei! More significantly, the prize money given to the bronze lady was pathetic compared to our heros from table tennis. A mere $25,000. THese not so able-bodied people have worked extremely hard mentally and physically. I feel that they deserve far more than anyone else. I'm not trying to say that we should pity them and throw them the money, but rather, it's a clear reflection that people these days judge a book by its cover. Sad.


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