Monday, September 29, 2008

First Night Race in Singapore -- FORMULA ONE!


huh? what did you say? After last Sunday's race, i think my hearing must have been reduced by a wavelength! Went to Marina Square to soak in the atmosphere. Race started at about 8 and i was there only at 830. 10 laps was already completed. It's so deafening that I could not stay long. Not the mention hot! Singaporeans just have a way of squeezing n jostling their way thru! Fortunately we found a nice spot outside UOB and stood on some stones for a "bird's eye view". Aiya, as if i know who's driving past. They are so fast, you wont even know which car is Massa and which is Hamilton!
Singaporeans not very gracious ....covering all the vantage points where one can view F1 for fre. Some people simply rolled down the black cloth. Sweetie was complaining the whole time about Singapore organizers being ridiculous and not gracious about this. But i think, they have their rationale. Afterall, they have to be answerable to those who paid $168 for the tics (or more!)
U thought I was kidding u right? Check out this F1 pass! It's genuine ok!
Check out the picture of the cars I took. So sharp right? Wanna know my hp model? hehe
bird's eye view of the race track
A mini version of the merlion or what sweetie like to call it -- 大笨象

Aiyo...Singaporeans really shouldn't be monkeying around on trees during such an international event!


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