Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ramblings on Teacher's Day

Totally melts the heart. Thanks Sarah!
Really wish you'd do me proud by pullin thru your difficult subjects Marcus!

It was teacher's day on mOnday. Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers and TUTORS out there!

It's a day with mixed feelings for me. On the one hand, the young and innocent little children showered me with loads of gifts (some of which i think I'm a little too old to use..nevertheless, i'm young at heart!), but on the other hand, sad that some of my students did not even wish me. I even had to listen to how some of them celebrated the day at school. Thanks lor :-(. Especially those whom I've been teaching for eons. 3 in particular who always gave me gifts (on mommy's instructions of coz) made my heart ache. In their eyes I'm like a big sister, but this year, nothing. not even a greeting. Heart-shattering right? think that I've been thru thick and thin with them for years. Ok fine, i did not see them on the actual day, but hey, there are some who wished me and made little hearts for me like a wk before. yet on the day itself, i din get shit from anyone. :-(


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