Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mooncakes, Lanterns and a very full tummy!

What I whipped up with overnight clams. Cabonarra Spagetti. The clammy tasted too fishy, killed the taste. a Spider meal. (失败 meal)Moonies from CONRAD, Eater Palace (Yam cum pumpkin mooncakes) and Swensen's Ice-cream mooncakes (which everyone thought was ex!)

It's the end of the wk. time just flies doesn't it?
The past few days had been very hectic. Waking up hell early (for me at least). Especially today, had to wake up at 730am and was working all the way till 4+. Camotose instantly the moment i came home. At night, whilst the gibbous moon was hanging brilliantly in the deep dark sky, sweetie and I went next door to join his family in a mooncake feast. Clever me bought Swensen's Ice-cream mooncake n it was a hit (since everybody else's moonies were the boring traditional ones)! it was snapped the moment we cut! Bought Chewy Chocolate, rockmelon, Hazelnut chocolate and durian. think the favourite was Durian. I didn't manage to taste all, but the smiles on their faces sufficed. SCORED POINTS! yeah!

Talking about moonies, I was a little irritated that sweetie, knowing that the festival was this sunday, did not pre-empt me and opened a blank cheque that he'd go Four Seasons to buy durian mooncakes for my mom. Well, it was Wednesday then, n the whole wk, he was so into sports -- tennis today, golf tmw, tennis the next day again. Suddenly he thinks he is Nadal or Federal. so poor wifey had to rush around like a mad dog and buy three boxes of different mooncakes for the festival. One for MIL, another for my dearest mommy and last was the swensen's moonies for granny in law. wanted to go back Parkway to buy the Yam cum pumkin mooncakes today, but it was all sold out liao! even those at Crystal jade -- some western Oreo cookies n cream mooncakes were sold out. I was so disappointed la. Gotto wait next yr liao! Told sweetie to go get them today since he doesnt have to work, but he failed to carry out the task. Bought some other lame cakehouse's moonies instead. with Yolk somemore! YUCKS la. i hate yolks! Grrrrrr...but ok, the fact that he bothered to go down n get it for me was just a wee bit touching.

came back home, Friends were all at our place watching soccer. It's as if it's their house. Not that we mind la..haha. took out our Secondary year book and was reminicsing the past. ooo, i was complimented. Someone said i looked much prettier now! I must admit, I WAS SUCH AN UGLY DUCKLING then! with that big specs and that ugly mushroom head. wah lau! Embarrassing!
*Growl* all the tea and mooncakes have gotten my tummy queesy.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!!

PS: Do you know how did this festival come about? I'm sure Julius can tell us. He did the history of the festival last yr during show and tell. So adorable, he still can remember!


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