Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Idiotic Drivers

Singapore drivers really think they own the road! Seriously this blog has been long overdue. I've been meaning to pen something about the way Singaporeans drive eons ago. Each time I meet with an idiotic driver, it just makes my blood boil. A typical day can be spoilt by some stupid mama cutting into your lane without signalling. or perhaps u are innocently trying to filter right and the car in the lane on your right simply refuse to let u in. Instead, he steps on his accelerator and zips off! Sheez! Super idiotic right? There have also been instances where one can get horned for no apparent reason. Or flashed headlights just because that person is a little slow. ok, i cannot tahan slow turtles too, but I think there is no need to hurry that poor grandpapa who is probably figuring out whether to get out at Bedok North or Bedok Reservoir Road! I get especially frustrated when I'm not slow (already travelling at 120km/h at a certain expressway -- exceeding speed limits already!) n some idiotic driver behind me kept flashing his big fat lights at me! After letting him have his way, he was busy zipping in n out lanes! Maniac!

The bad jams which we often hear of are mainly caused by kayu drivers who for some reason, can cause strange accidents. The other day, whilst on my way to NTU, there was a jam coz a kayu lorry decided to hop onto the other side of the expressway (in opposing direction) by crashing through the barrier! Yup. U heard me, half the lorry was on this side of the expressway whilst the other half was on the other side. U can imagine what a jam it caused on both sides! To make matters worse, Singaporeans simply have to slow down/ stop to see what's the license plate number! Most probably to buy 4D. I dont get it, if that number is so "heng", why will the vehicle crash in the first place?

Perhaps someone on the road is also thinking that I'm an idiotic driver who dont deserve my license of 10yrs, but let's all be patient with one another and have more courtesy on the road!


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