Monday, October 20, 2008

House hopping

It was a peaceful wkend indeed. No compos to mark, a few entertaining lessons to teach. The only torture was that "big aunty" came on Sunday and I was all crampy the whole day. Kept wanting to puke and felt terribly cold.

Anyway, feast your eyes on what was snapped over the wkend:

Saturday came and go. It was a day of excursion to various friend's house. Above is the uncomplete state of Yifei's place in Pasir Ris. Finally after 3 yrs of marriage, (or issit 2?) they are getting a place of their own. The excited lovebirds are now in the midst of renovating the place! Hopefully, we can do a housewarming Xmas party at their place this year! U might find the layout familiar. Yes it is! It was how my masterbedroom used to look like before we knock down the walls to extend it!

Wedding bells are ringing this mth! BOmbs after bombs after bombs! at least 3 weddings to attend in November! SIONG. The above is friends Stephen & Elaine's bed after 安床. After seeing what's in the tub, i realised my mother did not give me a lot of things when I got married! like the potty, the tub (i think they all symbolize having the next generation) and a sewing kit (symbolizing good housekeeping). jealous that this couple has it. But nevermind la, if mommy gave them to me, where am i to keep all those stuff?haha...i know my mom stil has the baby tub in her toilet! She doesn't know what to do with it!
Ikea supporter!

OK, i'm not sure if the lamp is from IKEA but i do like it. Blends with the toilet -- BLACK. What many modern homes are like these days. I think i'm the trendsetter, coz my masterbedroom has black tiles. :-)
I do like their kitchen. but cleaning can be a problem with the open concept cabinets

Interesting Wood like tiles. Inspires me to work hard and save hard (last quote I' got, it will set me back by $700 if I were to plank up my entire balcony)to transform my balcony with the wooden planks I've always wanted. It will definitely make it more resort-yTheir dining set reminds me of Xman

Ok, after a tiring day of house-hopping (it was indeed tiring! I fell asleep sitting on the dining chair!), we went home and prepared a pasta feast for 7. As we were about to start preparing, we realised that we ran out of GAS! Freaked out! called, waited for 20mins n PHEW, the cylinder of gas arrived in the nick of time and the above seafood pot (in tomato puree) was whipped up. YUM!
Clam Linguini in White Wine Sauce (ok, there wasn't any white wine, but hey, it tastes good ok). There was also Cabonara and Tomato based linguini. N i whipped up some buffalo wings in 25mins! (easy! n went realli well with blue cheese)

This fish, together with all the dishes that follows were what I cooked on Sunday (whilst tolerating the tremendous cramp which came all of a sudden to dampen my spirits)

The poor fish seems to be screaming out" Don't eat me! Don't eat me!". So sorry, you are simply too irrisistable! It was on sale! $4.95! (UP: $9.90! A Steal! The panel a judges said the sauce was great (though a little too salty but went really well with rice)
This is a really easy soup to cook. All you need are some yellow beans and ikan billis to cook the stock and just throw in the yong tao foo when you are about to serve.
MY FAVOURITE! CRAB! cheap. Direct from the wet market! costs only $20 for 4! Beats what's sellin at Jumbo (which incidentally, I went the next day for dinner with friends from abroad. cost $234 for 6pax. had only 3 crabs! JUMBO lost standard. I prefer No signboard or Eng Seng which is along Still road). Next to Mr Crab is 干扁四季豆 (French beans), inspired from Frog Porridge stall at Geylang Lor 3. It's a really nice dish and I managed to sniff out the ingredients whilst having it at Geylang last mth. The secret -- Salted radish and Dried Prawns!
The final product -- Crunchy Dried prawns
Strangely, the dried prawns produced a lot of bubbles while deep frying. It was splattering all over and I had to use a shield to protect myself for being disfigured by the boiling oil! Think it's becoz I did not dry the prawns well after soaking it in water. But regarding the white foam, I'm still quite puzzled. Can anyone enlighten me?


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