Sunday, October 05, 2008

One Relaxing Saturday

Finally! A Saturday off! Don't know whether to be happy or sad at times when I get a break. Coz a break = no money. But then again, i NEED A BREAK! Was looking fwd to this day as I can finally go out on a wkend with sweetie. we've even booked a body therapy at Roxy. Sounds sleezy but that place is 100% clean! It's called Tropical 21. Been there twice n it's pretty good so far. Price wise's great too! After discount (coz i'm supposedly a repeat customer after one foot reflex), 60 min -- $38! Wat a bargain right?

Anyway, ya, was looking fwd to it, but the morning has to start out bad with a quarrel. Shit happens when u talk about money! Why don't money just rain down from the sky. Sometimes I just feel there's no one in this world who can understand what i'm going through. Feel so lonely and for some strange reason, missed daddy lots. Called him just the other day and he was as usual roaming Sugnei road all by himself. He enjoys though. Later, i hinted that mom wanted to go China, but knowing him, he doesnt wanna sponsor. I understand the tight financial situation. Tried to cheer him up by saying next time when he retires (he should retire now, but unfortunately I'm not doing too much as a daughter), he can roam the world. He kindof heard the wrong thing n said something like he wont live for another 30 yrs when he hit 60. MY GOD LA! What a thing to say! He totally knows that result in tears cascading down my eyes! N I was driving then, so What a thing to say! I totally asked him to shut up and slap himself. I can't bear the thought even though I know that our time will all come. But i really hope that he gives me a chance to give him a good life and for him to play with his grandchildren before joining another realm.

Went to have my ba zi read on Friday. never really I did this, but was very curious to know. N gosh...interesting findings. In summary, my health seems to be in the red light as I age (that's quite logical for most ppl these days....especially with shitty things like melamine happening). I'm constantly reminded to take care of my health (this was told to me before too). n apparently, luckily i did not get married early. coz only 28 or beyond then will i have a happy marriage (but this morning, i wasn't too happy!).....apparently, i've got a 劳碌命...i think that's really true. but i'll have a good life when old! There's even a chance for me to stay big house! yeah! One significant thing brought up was that I would succeed real well in career if I were to venture overseas. hmmm....interesting. Anyway, next yr apparently my horoscope 冲太岁...hopefully things dont get too bad. Economy is already in the reds! Sian, as if life isn't suay enough.

Overview of the day -- It started bad but ended alright. Had fun cooking with sweetie. We totally refused to let anyone come to our house tonight. Finally had chance to soak in my bathtub n do a facial mask! shiok! Then watched 1408. Lame. I guess life has its ups and downs, and it's seriously not easy to think straight at times. Feel lost and in doubt at times. Fortunately, though sweetie often uses an accusing tone when speaking, he's nice enough to coax me back to sanity by doing silly and sweet things. Thank you.


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