Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Creepy Crawlies

Remember not too long ago, I did a post on my beautiful Pussy Willows? Everyone who came to my house were simply amazed at how it has bloomed. Leaves and all, but now, it seems to be infested with CATERPILLARS!

See what I mean!!! Ewwww! it's amazing how these things grow! In case u r still in planet X, these r not caterpillars, they are my willows!

On a happier note, Godma called to say I should cook mee sua with two eggs for myself (or buy, coz she knows how busy I am) in celebration of my birthday....So I postponed this morning's lesson and whipped up a simple yet delicious meal!

That's me, lookin damn round, clad in my VJ PE!

This is extremely delicious! Everyone should try! It's essentially Mayo Prawns, but the batter is made using egg yolk and flour. Deep fry the prawn and stir fry it with the sauce thereafter. For the Mayo sauce, add a little chilli sauce and salt to it and Viola! Scrumptious.

That's my bowl of special Mee Sua. Sweetie helped me to cook the Mee Sua while I cooked the soup stock and two perfect hard boil eggs!

The secret to cooking the perfect hard boil eggs is to put it in a pot, cover with water which is approximately 1.5inches high(okok, i dont measure, basically just ensure the eggs are covered). Bring to a boil for approximately 18 mins, switch burner off and let egg simmer in the pot for a minute or so. Then scoop it out and place them in ice cold water. This will help in de-shelling and preventing little pot holes!

PS: I'm actually having mixed feelings today. Good fren's operation went well and she's recuperating well from the op -- Happy!

Frustrated -- Re-scheduled my lessons just to accommodate this child but end of the day, parent tells me she STILL prefers to have it on Monday when I specifically "hinted" it's ridiculous for mi to travel from Simei to XX and to arrive at only 830pm! But she doesnt mind. However, with such a change, some other students will have to suffer. Thankfully, I have some really accommodating and cooperative students. Sometimes it's not the students, it's the parents! Soooo irritating when they go "ohh my kid have to rest for an hour after they come child needs to eat his dinner at 7pm...or my kid have to sleep at 9pm"! Give me a break....seriously last time when my teacher tells mommy what time she's coming, mommy will just oblige no matter how late it is. And if i have not eaten, mommy will dish it out n i'll eat and study at the same time. Nowadays, kids are simply PAMPERED to the max! URGH! INFURIATING!!!!!!

HAPPY again -- gonna turn XX soon! OMG OMG OMG! Someone famous said we should all learn to embrace the aging process, so I'm enjoying every moment! :-)


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