Friday, February 20, 2009

Very heavy heart

It started off as a great morning. I thought it'd be a relaxing day since it's Friday! Last night, I had a good talk with my sweetie, who is finally opening up and becoming more ambitious. This morning, i was greeted by two traumatizing news:
1) Friend A is filing for a divorce (i'm teaching her kid!)

Relationship is a funny thing. You spend half your life understanding the other party and then spend the next few years flaunting your vulnerabilities and flaws, only to realise you can't stand that person or perhaps to be betrayed by that person. He is everything to you when you are sooo swooned over him, but once it's over, you have to banish every single thing to the back of the cupboard. Even to remain as friends is painful. (that's why I make sure it's a clean cut for all, except one) Friendship has to be worked on because at times, the hurt and pain has a strange way of creeping back into your life.

Wonder if there's really true love?

2) Friend B (a close fren) has breast cancer n is going for an op next wk. She refuses to tell frens as she feels it's nothing to announce. but i feel super duper upset now. i really wanna be with hug her. SHe' been there for me when i was in my lows. But i know, she's a very strong woman who will brace through it. My fren, I will pray for u!

The heart's very heavy now...i dont know what else to say.


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