Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Horrid Schedule

It's the start of 2009 and the cycle begins with frustration and disorientation. Been bothered by the messed up schedule since last wk due to the introduction of a potential newbie. Checked with him when he is having his other classes and was told that tues and thurs are supplementary days, wed is math tuition day, saturday is Chinese tuition day. After staring hard and doodling with several probabilities (for 2hours!), I came up with the perfect schedule -- Tuesdays and Sat late afternoon. (initially, i had proposed Wed and Sat)....Guess what? his Chinese tutor (who I know personally) smsed me, telling me that he actually has CL tuitions on Tues as well as Sat! To make matters complicated, after school, he goes to daddy's shop and watch for daddy to send him home! Thus on average, he'd be home at around 5pm!! Seems like the CL tutor knows more about the kid than the mom. I tried speaking to the mom, but 2 sentences into the conversation and she asks me to speak to son instead. When I suggested for her to chcek if Math tutor is able to swop, her reply was "she's been with the boy for a very long time...i scared to ask her..the tutors all arrange amongst themselves and then let my boy know"..WOW! Solid! Sweetie speculated that perhaps she's the stepmum!haha..anyway, to make matters worse, after making what I thought was a finalisation at the beginning of the month, came yet another surprise! Another request to swop to Saturday!! Great. it's as if my Sats ain't packed enough. With this, sweetie, if you are reading (which I bet u are not), I hope u are happy that no one bothers u practically every day, and probably nite (since u sleep early and I come home late). U'd probably not miss me and play more golf instead on Saturdays. They say absence makes the heart fonder...hmmm, whoever said that is a LIAR!

No one can empathise the problem/ agony I'm undergoing (unless u are in the same trade) --having to please all avenues. I often have "concern" parents asking if I've eaten and when i said NO...they went "ohhh...oh wonder u r sooo slim"...then there'd be a dead silence. fortunately not all are like that. Some are really nice, cooking my dins, buying KFCs etc for me...No wonder I'm still so 白白胖胖!At the end of the day, they are only concerned about their kids having enough rest or having their lunch b4 the lesson. Can't blame them, but yet, I'm running a tight schedule here, thus can't expect me to accommodate to everybody!

Alright. Enough of rantings. I've stared and reshuffled things for over an hour. Several people will be affected once again. Hopefully, they are kind enuff to accept the proposal..One hiccup and u'll probably hear from me again. *breathe*


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