Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Am I a bitch?

The stench of despair loomed around me today. It's degrading....it brought pain to my vulnerable heart. I was violated....insulted....molested...HUMPED! On a normal account, it would be easy to dismiss the perpetrator by referring to him as "animals" or as "inhuman". Only problem now, the violator is really NOT HUMAN!

HERE YOU ARE: THE HUMPING CULPRIT! Rex, the Chow Chow, thought I was a bitch apparently and started humping my leg the moment I entered! OMG!
I felt so tormented by my violator....I'm lost.....words can't describe the trauma which I've gone through
Rex, all shagged out. When I left the place, he wasn't even interested in movin. He just sprawled on the floor and gave me a gigantic, nonchalant yawn each time i bade him goodbye. I guess he treated me as his one-night-stand. :-(....sigh...heart-broken!


WenniAw said...

haha this is damn funny. he should be castrated!

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