Sunday, March 29, 2009

Endorphins Oozing from within!

Some mornings, the task of dressing for work feels tantamount to bailing the US out of a recession....well not today! Coz the wkend's here and it's time for ME day! It wasn't too good a start considering the fact that I had a cancellation at the 11th hour (it was really at 11+ the night before! URGH....people simply do not have a sense of responsibility!)

Anyway, back to reality...There wasn't the usual mad dash to my morning lessons and I could do with a hearty breakfast. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to grab a bite at the kopitiam and there was nothing but a bun at home. Skipping breakfast is said to result in weight gain in the long term and I'm not exactly thrilled. I starved through the busy afternoon but fortunately I did not ravenously consume everything in sight at dinner. Ok, dinner was sinful -- Scissors Cut Curry Rice @ Geylang followed by desserts -- DURIAN!...fell asleep whilst watching Hancock (which is a cock show by the way) during Earth hour. Amazingly, Singaporeans seem to care quite a bit for Earth day. A peer out my window and it was almost complete darkness amidst the street lamps. perhpas people are more concerned about global warming..either that or they are busy shopping between 830 to 930pm this evening! haha....Speaking of shopping, Sweetie and I went Nike Golf @ Enterprise One today and there was a storewide 50% discount. Bought myself a pretty pink Golf Tee (for $29 only!)...I don't dig into Pink but it would go nicely with my Pink golf shoes.hmm...doesn't sound too convincing that I'm not a pink person isn't it?

Anyway, after a rejuvenating shower (wanted to soak in the bath but had guests at home), I switched on my lappy and ran my favourite sentimental songs...both Chinese and English.....and in the comfort of my airconditioned room, I caught up on my tons of newspapers to improve GK and went abreast with latest fashion trends featured on Her World, Elle, and Style. Felt so high at one point in time whilst reading that I started singing...Then, in came Sweetie all of a sudden and caught me unaware! OPS!haha...Overwhelmed with endorphins, I started laughing and friends in the living room thought sweetie "did" something to me to get me High!aaha.....but nooooooooo..i was simply high on enjoying some ME time! I have totally forgotten how therapeutic music can be! Used to listen to music every night when I was that we are living under the same roof, I can't be selfish and blast my music at unearthly hours! We are so engrossed in blindly pursuing our dreams that at times we neglect ourselves. IT"S just not right!!! hmmm...let's see what tomorrow brings me...more ME time hopefully! :-)


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