Saturday, March 28, 2009

Simply heartwarming

I know that you might have read about the feast I've whipped up over last wkend, but I think it's only fair I give it its due respect and blog about it.

It was a cold, rainy afternoon (ok it was not), I was looking forward to warming my belly with some claypot delights. Unfortunately, I do not own a claypot! Been meaning to look for one, but am absolutely deprived of time!

Anyway, decided to whip up some delectable dishes:
Homemade hot wings. Flavoured with just the right amount of dark sauce, light sauce, mirin, Wochestershire sauce, tobasco sauce and tomato sauce, the succulent chunks of chicken proved to be an instant favourite. Had to deep fry those little mid-wings before simmering in a specially brewed fragrant sauce. (which caused my pot to blackened coz of the sugar content! URGH..heng, I'm not the one who washed up!)

Another remarkable dish was the Braised Claypot Fish head without the claypot! It may look like your typical fish head but if you take too many sips of it, you are likely to feel intoxicated by the sweetness of the gravy which is infused with cauli flower, tomato, green pepper and FATTY PORK! The fish head is so well cooked and goes so perfectly well with the sauce that my guests can't resist polishing off every bit of its silky smooth flesh! It's definitely a value for money dish. The head itself cost only $8.15!! (but of course the effort placed in cooking, together with my utilities and side ingredients would up this dish's market price)

To top off the main dishes, my special sotong on banana leaves made its grand entrance. The special concoction of belachan chilli, chinese cooking wine, sesame sauce etc made my guests ask for more! They found themselves spooning up more and leaving none for late comers!

Soup of the day was Old Cucumber Soup. With so many fried stuff, it's timely to have a "cooling" soup like the old cucumber soup. Double boiled (ok, it wasn't double boiled! It was simply simmered in a stainless steel pot) with dried octopus, dried oyster, carrots (yes to give it sweetness), red dates, pork bones of coz. I'm sure my guests could feel the heartwarming goodness of this meal!! Can't wait for the next inspiration to cook. Am a little swamped with work and stuff lately...can't think straight. Seem to be forgetting indication of AGING?? Need to find more ME time........


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