Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Finally got my arse up to do some PILATES!

I'm so proud of myself! After holding on to the Pilates DVD which Yun lent me for over 2 wks, I finally found some time to do it this evening! After my dramas, at 10pm, i started getting my arse into doing some exercises! The first time this year! I kid u not! It's a phase I'm going thru I think -- LAZINESS! Are all married women lydat or issit just me? HORRID! I shouldn't be like that, I'm getting FAT with a capital F! Yes yes, ppl around me (who are nice), tend to say "no...i can't tell...fat? where?"....ya right -- they are all slimmer than me! I'm not trying to compare, but I just want what I looked like when I got married! I used to be absolutely motivated....going for kickboxing and hip hopping...it was such fun. Perhaps coz there was companion. But then again, exercising should be a focus thing.....and why should I spend all my money on such classes? It's really very ex come to think of it.

What triggered the thought was this: Was so upset the other day when mommy showed me the photo taken at my cousin's recent wedding. She placed it next to MY wedding photos and BOY do I look different! I even asked daddy:

ME: Dad, do i look SIGNIFICANTLY different?
DAD: hmmm
ME: pls note i'm using the word SIGNIFICANTLY ya
DAD: yes...u do.
ME: OMG!!! SIGNIFICANTLY fat u mean?
DAD: hahaha

HAhaha? Not farnie lor!!! I have absolutely no patience to go thru cardio..n to do it on my own is utter bore. Sweetie has been having meetings after meetings these few nights, to cater to his US counterparts, thus I can't even do cardio even if I want to. Driving down to the gym is another chore....come on! Exercising should be at the comforts of your house!!! I sound utterly spoilt ya? That's becoz I used to have my pool and gym right down my house! Which probably explains why I managed to stay this slim ...till now that is!

Anyway, I'm once again proud that I managed to get started. When's the next session, I seriously don't know, coz it takes at least 45mins to complete. I have absolutely no idea how the hosts managed to tolerate the entire session! I was busy taking breaks in between! The moves were absolute killers I tell u! Simple yet tedious! It's conditioning exercises, which I think is pretty suitable. Now I'll just have to make time for such a tiring task. Alrite, FOCUS!

BREATH in........BREATH out......BREATH in,............ BREATH out.............



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