Saturday, March 21, 2009

CCHS Alumni Gathering -- Class of '95

We were 13 then, now we are XX..go do your calculations yourself!

I was initially hesitant about attending the gathering on 21st March 2009....not knowing what to expect, apprehensive about how people would see me (or not), and the list goes on. It was quite a fluster in the day, having to teach till almost 430pm. Not to mention, God seemed to be giving us a sign by showering us with his tears of joy. The torrential rain continued all the way till 6pm when I finally got my butt up and made my way to CCHS, sitting serenely along Goodman Road.

Nostalgia flowed the moment I arrived. Smiles from old friends greeted me. Some whom I had not seen in eons. There were several familiar faces whom I simply couldn't place a name on instantly. The feeling was mutual I believed as many came up to me, not recalling that I was the infamous gal in school.

Let me walk you down memory lane...........

The famous pond has become a puddle!!

Bird's eye view! Breathtaking isn't it? Not sure if it still holds, but CCHS ranks number two in terms of land area. First being Hwa Chong la where else?

OMG! I remember that we had our Home-econs there! The NPCCs had the "HQ" there....sooo lok kok! Hated the musty smell but the whole dilapidated look gave it character!
A place to reminisce! Big canteen! It was the place we competed to see who could eat the most chilli. Often ending up with swollen sausage lips! It was also the place prefects hated as we had to chase the ah bengs and "Beg" them to return their plates! GOSH! how degrading!

This isn't an ancient photo. This still stands. Our famous auditorium, standing at two levels high! talk about grandeur! The grand piano which I performed on was still on stage.....

The chairs changed! no longer the creaking wooden ones! Lucky them. However, the eerie feeling still remained. The moment I entered the auditorium, my hair stood on its ends. Literally! the phrase "chill ran down my spine" was kindof apt then. We explored the place..with lights switched on of coz! Otherwise I'd be trembling like a leaf! I still remember the days we caught the ah bengs and ah lians smoking at one corner...or playing truant. N while the rest of the cohort could sit, the poor prefects had to stand to ensure discipline and order! CRAP!
Sweetie would have loads of memories for this place. The underground Table tennis training ground! 地下室!I never really did explore this part of the school. Heard from sweetie it'd flood if it was pouring! n sometimes when they had morning trainings, they had to take turns walking in the dark aisle (i kid you not when I say's PITCH DARK....u basically have to grope your way to the stage before u reach the switches!), to prepare the place for training!
My beloved class-- CLASS 4C! C for Character!! C for Charisma! Ms See (in red) actually remembered me as the "oddball" of the class. When asked why, she said I was the one who stood out as the "ang mo pai"....always speaking in English whilst everyone else spoke in fluent Mandarin.....n i was apparently the "special" one, who had a way with speech (being sacarstic that is)...well at least I was famous for something! hahaha...The other teacher is Mdm Lau....刘老师...She obviously didn't remember me. Naturally, I wasn't her favourite student. She was rattling about all the rest except me. But when the gang told her that me n sweetie are married now, she got excited n said to ask him to come along next time!...Obviously she remembered the cheeky monkey of the class aka Sweetie! Some wonder what I was doing back then. ...hanky-pankying or studying. To set the records right, my grades and sweetie's grades were excellent! Character wise, I'm not too sure. He was always hanging out with the notorious ones (now my regular Sunday kahkis)...but amazingly, he's always emerging the top few students of our class (which incidentally, is the BEST class in the whole EXPRESS!)....n for those of you who enjoy speculating...I DID NOT WOO HIM!..gosh! give me a break my friends! I hated his guts back irritating la! always monkeying around and seeking attention!The ever -infamous MRS LAU!!! the erm cross-eyed disciplinary mistress who will give you a free haircut if your fringe is too long or hair touches collar (applies to guys of coz).....I'd say 80% of the guys at one point in time would have tasted her artistic skills!Head-prefect and IPapa Zhenxin and I (ok, childish..i know..but we all had our days)

My badminton boys!SORRY PRiscilla! I really remembered your name! Can't seem to connect the face to the name! Many can't recognize me at first glance too! Mayb I've grown prettier!hahaha...everyone has changed..n so proud of Sabrina who is a mother of two!. Gosh, what am I doing then?...ppl is already a mother of two! sigh..takes two hands to clap. My dear gals from Class 4G
The attendees for Class of 95 Alumni Gathering! SUCCESS
Right after the gathering, back home on more familiar grounds, you'd see the same ppl who attended the gathering!hahaha...dejavus!The next day, they are still there again! This time for food! Chenyi, being camera shy (wonder why) is a real glutton who knows how to enjoy good food!

A close up on what I cooked. First time trying Braised fish head! Wanted to try out Assam fish but I'm having a mouthful of ulcers, so switched. It should be placed in a claypot but what the hell, eat from the wok! It tasted nice for a first try. Success according to everyone! Used Red Snapper (i think! They all look the same la!), cauli flower, tomato, yam, fat roasted pork, tau pok, garlic and some other secret recipes...the soup was heavenly! The wings you see in the adjacent plate is HOT WINGS. not exactly hot, but it's tasty. Very easy to make too, but had to deep fry prior to simmering. Alll the deep frying caused me to scald my NOSE! Yes, NOSE! I'm disfigured! Ahhhhhhh.. I applied toothpaste immediately and there wasn't a blister but the wound kept oozing liquid...not pus...just some disgusting stuff which hardened thereafter. Oh ohhhh dont miss the SOTONG..>GOSH! NEWTON STYLE RIGHT? (minus the exorbitant price of coz) YUp, I actually made effort to buy the banana leaves. Now, what am I to do with the leftovers?..URGH..can't they just sell in smaller batches?? But the Sotong was really tantilising..the belachan which I bought from Sheng Siong was THE most important ingredient! Best chilli on earth! The whole meal was gobbled up by the usual crowd and by the time Pam and Alv arrived, there was basically nothing much Sorry!!! But hey, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE so next time be punctual!

CCHS is really a place to remember. It's tasteful Cheena architecture and amazingly dirty and dilapidated environment not only nurtured genius but allowed love to blossom. Wonder how many lovebirds were coupled up at CCHS. ....wonder if sweetie and I are the only pair.....hmmmm.......The memories will forever be etched in our minds............


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