Sunday, August 17, 2008

2 birthday parties in a day....but worlds apart!

8 月16日。雨。
If you think this blog will be in Chinese, Dream on!

It's been an eventful and productive day. The day started at 830am, with me working (what else?) Finally after vomitting blood for hours, I headed towards Arada Country Club @ Pasir Ris for Ah boy's 8th bday party. Hmmm what were we doing on our 8th bday party? Probably running around, thinking that it's yet another day. Or perhaps eating 2 eggs with 爱心mian xian cooked by mommy. Whatever we did, it's certainly a far cry from what kids are having these days!

Pro sia....there's even an invitation card!
Check out the list of entertainment that was put up by some Lame guy who called himself CAPTAIN AMAZING. if u ask me, i dont think he's that amazing, but the kids certainly liked him.

Before: The $200 3-D Dinosaur Birthday Cake...oooooooooooooooooo
After: The Headless monster
Our Birthday boy....awwww all grown up! Eileen jie jie and Joey mei mei
So sweet. Portait of a happy family! :-)
Ready for Action?
Me and my darling Julius, affectionately known as Ah Boy


After party number one, I proceeded to party no. 2. Happening sia. A totally different world nestled in a tranquil part of Singapore. With more booze and food going around.

Look at this cake....a far cry from an 8-yr-old boy's dino cake. But hey, as we age gracefully, we dont really need to be reminded of it.
Ah pek is a happy man! 左拥右抱!
As we say cheese, someone is getting ready for some action!
After a flour/ cake fight
Aiyo...childish la...@ Party number one, the kids were filling up waterbombs and bombing other's BBQ pits.....hmm I guess this cake fight goes to show that there's a child in all of us.

Shaking in fear, as the crowd kept jio-ing him.

Shagedelic liao
Right after first round of puking....He's almost there.


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