Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Feeling vex. what should I do?

Feeling vexed today. tuition got cancelled again. once again by that kid who had been giving me problems for the last few wks. It's been two wks and i have not seen him. The whole situation made me think "If children fail, issit the fault of parents?"

The answer for this case is perhaps a "YES". each time i see him, he looks like a spoilt brat. I reckon the parents dont cane him. Come on la, if the child shouts for the parent to pick up a pc of tissue for him (the tissue is rite in front of him n the dustbin is just nearby), is he a great kid? Perhaps he was a really innocent little one last time, but now he's just a monster, coz parents aren't taking him to hand. They are trying hard but i guess it's a bit too late.

I tried putting across my thoughts to drop him today, unfortunately, the parent still wanted me to continue, stating that i've been doing a good job n tat they are going thru a challenging time. They might have sense the financial stress i'm feeling thus said will reimburse whatever lessons that has been cancelled thus far. I think it's just so unfair for them and for other children. they are taking away the chance for others to study. It's also taking up a lot of my time. it's not about the money. Sometimes if the kid wants to give up on himself, there's nothing much u can do. furthermore, he isn't allowing anyone reach out to him. it's realli challenging to be scheduling around such a moody kid. Keeping in mind he HUNG UP on me!!!how how how? what to do?


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