Sunday, August 10, 2008

Little Thailand

What an unproductive day! I managed to only complete 1 out of 4 things i set for myself today! Was supposed to mark my stuff, throw and tidy my worksheets, come up with mindmaps and finish up the worked solutions for Algebra...but what did i do today? Hmm..let's see...woke up at 8am to pee, but officially got out of bed at 10am. Lazed around n watched olympics whilst marking till 12...afterwhich went GIANT to buy groceries. Went Alvan n Pam's house for seafood pasta. Was a little watery. Watched more olympics...woooo the synchronize diving was damnnn nice! prize for who's the champ! n what a splash the Brits made! (not a good thing for those of u who know synchronize diving) Anyway, after breathing in hell lot of 2nd hand smoke (the chimneys must have collectively smoked a packet of ciggies within an hour!), I arrived home at 4+pm and started preparing the ingredients and washing the foodstuff bought earlier.

ANYWAY, consolation was, dinner was not too bad. 85% successful.

Check out the amount of spices and chilli used!!! Chop until i Seh Nicely coated right? every grain, golden yellow ok. dun pray pray! By the way, it's Pineapple Rice!
Pla Neung Manao (Steam Seabase in Hot and Sour sauce)

there's suppose to be fire underneath it if you eat it at a Thai restaurant, but hey, make do la huh. It's 95% there.

Vietnamnese Chicken. Supposed to be in hotpot, but errrr, i dont have la!

Added Dried tangerine peel, dried chilli, lemongrass. Tasted like normal chix though. According to fren, he has never had such a dish whilst in Vietnam!haha

Pad Puk Boong fai Daeng. Needs improvement. It's not even 20% like those in Thailand! strange. i went according to recipe!

SLURP! Tom Yum Soup!!!!....with seafood which apparently shrunk tremendously!haha. It wasnt as spicy...scared some ppl cannot take it. n had to add hell lot of lime to make it taste right. I added so much ingredients and salt, yet it was onli 90% like those in Thailand...imagine the amount of ingredients they add. Friends n bro in law was trying to help me perfect the taste by telling me to add more lime/ add more chilli etc etc. I had to use 3 packets of chilli paste! n the instructions said one pack serves 2 ie 60 cl of water! I used 2 packets thinking it'd serve 5, but Boy i was wrong.

If everyday cook like them, i think i'l go broke!


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