Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's in your mind?

It's wednesday. The day i dread most ever since the previous wk. XX student is suppose to see me every Monday and Wednesday. As it is, on Monday, 1 hr before the lesson, i had to msg the mom to check if her son's mood was better. Unfortunately not. Lesson cancelled, thus others can't benefit. Being the ever patient me, I decided to give him another chance. This cost me. Big time. It's the exam period and everyone is queuing up to get me to burn the midnight oil with them. I had to reject a few and even cancel a few to accommodate those lost souls. (ops! it's the 7th month, better not anyhow say) Anyway, disappointment struck AGAIN. 1 hour before lesson, i once again msg the mom, who said that the boy has not come home! to add to my problems, she asked me to do her a favour by calling the boy up and talk to himb coz she's OUTSIDE! gosh. am I suppose to be the parent now? As much as I'd like to pity the mother, I dont think this sort of parenting would benefit the child. Anyway, kind as I am, i called.

ME: "Hello XXX, It's Miss where are u?"
HIM: " Out"
ME: "Are u coming back soon? ..... why so quiet? .......still angry with your parents?........hey, you shouldn't be angry with me though..I missed u!"
HIM: "......"
ME: "try to be less angry can? it's the exam period, dont do this to yourself................U....."
doooo....dooooo....doooo (PHONE"s DEAD) ie. HE HUNG UP ON ME!! #@$&#^&@#^*@&#$

what in the world are these people thinking? I have never been treated this way before. The audacity!! As I was walking past an old aunty who is a cleaner at a condo where i frequent, she said if it's her kid, she'd gladly let the teacher beat! coz she's sure the child did something wrong thus deserved to be punished. She said that kids these days are horrible! I TOTALLY AGREE. well, not all though,...there are of coz some adorable ones. I'm at a fix now. I have never given up on any student. In fact, I had problematic ones before too and now though I'm no longer with them (coz of the inconvenience as I've shifted!!), they still keep in touch with me with technology! sometimes they'd drop me a msg or chat via msn about their new tutor who is not as stunning and slim as me! warms my heart to see that I'm able to reach out tot hem. I'm trying to be as patient as I can with this particular subject, but I think others deserve better. Others who sincerely want to do well for their exams should be given a chance to be guided. It's such a challenge to arrange my schedule round his mood. I sincerely hope he'd wakes up before it's too late. Just because his family is rich doesnt mean he owns the world. These days, children dont seem to know much about the value of money. It's so sad.


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