Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Money not enough!

Aids digestion and constipation! Load up on your fibre today! Remember to get the "no sugar added" ones.
It looks plain, but it's worth $5 (rating given by hubby). I used 面线, and secret ingredient -- Flat fish (directly translated from Chinese), yellow beans, ikan bilis and most importantly FISH SAUCE to cook this delicious bowl of fishball vermicelli!
Trivia madness time: Guess what I used as ingredients? Top prize -- A bowl of fishball noodles cooked by yours truly?

Ok, I have no idea why I put the title as money not enough. It has not much relevance to what I'm blogging today. But what the heck! haha. Actually, it shouldn't be money not enough. It should be Time not enough. I wish seriously there's more than 24 hours a day for me to do what i want and what i like.

The day started with me marking those mundane compos again. @ $1 a copy i seriously think i should just sleep in! Many people think i'm retarded coz it's not as if i m hard up for money. In fact, by doing some other things, I can perhpas earn more! But i'm taking it as an experience.....it's a good chance to see what others are doing afterall. N also, the person who is giving mi this assignment (though someone who lacks in EQ and in my opinion has very poor updating skills) is rather pitiful. Undergoing a divorce and handling two kids, runs a business and on top of that, is undergoing operation. Being such a nice and soft hearted person, I oblige. But i dont think i can take it for long. Like this wk alone, i have to mark 83 copies!! it's fine if i have the whole wk, but i dont! I'm now left with 40! Damn.

On a happier note, I cooked lunch again today! Coz i was complaining that the fishball noodles at the kopitiam downstairs isnt nice and i can do a better job! It turned out pretty nice and hubby said i can sell it for $5 a bowl! Not bad for starters! =) It's a blessing that we chose to stay in this little estate called Kembangan. The small market is just below! N there's coffeeshops and provision shops a lift away! How near can u get?

after one eats, one must shit right? Well, not in my case. i seem to have to go the extra mile in order to get the shit out of me! Yes, u are right. I'm constipated! I shit a total of 2 times the whole of last wk. SEeing that, i bought fruit n veg juice and m trying out nutrilite's (AMWAY product) fibre pills. Hopefully it works. WEll i seriously dont know which is doing its job, coz this morning, I went to poo poo twice!! YEAH!!! ok, i know this topic is a little hard to swallow. especially since I'm having pictures on food. haha.

Alright. getting sleepy. wonder how i can tahan the day ahead!...*groan*


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