Tuesday, July 29, 2008

黄脸婆or superwoman?

Check this out! iphone's interface on my HTC! Is that cool or is that cool?!

Soup Soba for lunch.

  • Soup base cooked with yellow beans & prawn heads for that extra sweet taste

  • prawns (deshelled)

  • meatballs (self made)

  • squid (cut in rings)

  • fish sauce (just a little for taste)

  • Soba of course!

Dinner last night. Cabonarra Linguini with seaweed chicken. YUM!

Today's lunch: Green Choy Sum (it's only 75 cents for two packets!); Hongkong style steamed pork ribs; and my favourite belachan Sotong. ALwyas so heartwarming to be able to eat with your love one.
Winter Melon Soup


  • 3/4 of a winter melon (it's really huge!)

  • dried abalone (one slice and pre-soaked for 20mins to soften)

  • Dried oysters (5 pcs)

  • 1200ml of water

  • Wolfberries

  • red dates (3)

  • dried scallops (5)

  • fish sauce

  • chicken stock

    White fungus for my Cheng Tng. MISTAKE! Don't soak so much, it's gonan expand tremendously! dont know what to do with the balance now.
    虾酱鸡 Prawn paste chicken
  • chicken wings (wings and drum separated for easy frying)

  • Loads of oil for deepfrying

  • Marinate with oyster sauce, belachan powder, shrimp paste (Singlong brand). Leave it overnight.

  • Dip into egg white and dab on pre-seasoned flour (which include cornflour, blackpepper, belachan powder)

Brinjal & minced meat 鱼香茄子


  • Brinjal (deep fry it for like 5 mins)

  • minced meat fried to perfection. Add sauce (pre packed)

  • Fish sauce for taste

  • Some chilli if u like it hot

Special request: Salted egg yolk prawns

Didn't turn out that well. Mashed the salted yolks and coated the prawns with it and fried. Added normal egg yolk for extra colour.

Steam Golden Snapper. YUM! dont' forget to add those salted sour plums and salted vege. But note to blanch them before hand, else it'd be too salty
WHat a longg brinjal!

For the last few days since Sunday, I've been doing quite a bit of cooking. It's rather therapuetic especially if one is cooking for her love ones. N it's especially satisfying when I get the thumbs up from friends. The dessert wasn't that big of a success. Think i added too much red dates to the Cheng Tng. But I've finally figured out how to make nice Prawn Paste Chicken (虾酱鸡)! It's 80% to perfection. Only problem was i couldn't get the flour to stick on whilst deep frying. Some parts apparently not well fried. Think my oil wasn't enough.

It's daddy's bday yesterday. Felt a little guilty that I didn't celebrate with him. Just met him over the wkend though at cousin's wedding. Furthermore we work till so late so how to celebrate right? But i did call him to wish him happy birthday. duno issit coz he miss me too much, he thought I called him on Sunday and called me back on Monday and kept asking if i called. Poor daddy, must be missing mi lots since I've moved out.

All the cooking is making me think if i'm turning into some 黄脸婆. I refuse to let that happen. M keeping my hair neat n tidy and ensuring that I take good care of my looks. Unfortunately, I m putting on quite a bit of weight!!! HELP!! so many clothes have become tight fit! very upsetting. However, I only ramble and take no action! Wish there's some pill out there which can just suck the fats out (with no side effects that is). It's actually quite tiring to be a superwoman. To take care of the family and to go to work. I seriously wish I can take the backseat for work and perhaps do something that's more in line with passion. THere's so much out there to discover, but I just dont have the time. :-(

Well, back to work again...no more cooking for the rest of the wk. FIL had expressed his wishes for us to go home and have dinner on Sunday. (sigh...i can't explore my culinary skills....the son goes home everyday to eat liao ma...can't I just have him on Sundays? )


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