Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Does such a man exist?

Alfred (Handsome!!) (acted by 林峰 who apparently is a singer!) and 常在心

AIyo..this is another favourite (the guy of coz!) for those who dont know, this is 《溏心风暴》黄宗泽+杨怡. They make quite a handsome couple in the show.


唐心风暴 is reaching its climax! Alfred, who has been trying to be Chang Zaixin's guardian angel, has finally met with an accident. His silver BMW did a triple flip after hitting a cab and instead of getting out of the car and wait for the ambulance, he tried to reach out for the shell he had picked earlier during a dive. He meant to carve the words "常在我心" and give it to Zaixin who by now has forgiven him. Unfortunately, he can't find it in the debris and staggered to the nearest telephone booth to call Zaixin up. the call was to tell her about a point he has concurred which would help her win her upcoming case! MY GOD LA! want to die liao still go tell her such things! Tell her I love u la! pls forgive me la!!! n guess what? the episode has to end with him hanging up the phone (after saying he will call her after he reaches home) and sitting by the booth, looking dead. Most prob he'll die in the next episode. I DUN WANT HIM TO DIE LA!!! I so totally cried whilst hugging my dearest (thinking that he is alfred, only alive) during this episode la! dont know how i'd react tomorrow man!
My gosh, it totally made me wonder if there's such a great guy on earth. Ok, to be fair, he wasn't a greeat guy..coz he got together with Zaixin's gf. But the stuff he did were sooo romantic. Wish there were more romance than hurt in my life. Romance always comes with hurt. I guess that's why i'm blissful now...coz there's not much romance!hahahaha. Once you are comfortable with a guy, the stuff u do tend to be really routine. Everyday it's waking up, doing work, eating lunch and see u at night in bed. there's simply no excitement. We must do something to spark things up. unfortunately, with the hectic schedule one has, it makes me wonder who has the energy to be like Alfred, go diving and get a silly shell to give to his ex. geez.

Is there really such unconditional love out there?


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