Friday, July 04, 2008

Power Complain! Eat Shit!

I have finally sent out my powerful complain letter to COMFORT DELGRO. hope they take some action! It's my words agst that idiotic taxi driver. but nevertheless, i think the issue should be highlighted! Think I good to bully issit?! Check the below out. I found it under their website:

Smoke in taxi.
Start an argument with a difficult passenger (They should include other drivers as well!). If need be, seek help from the Customer Service Centre or Customer Contact Centre.
Challenge passengers to complain against you.
Be racist or sexist in your remarks when in conversation with passengers.
Engage in topics related to politics. (How often do u hear the cab drivers complain about the singapore government?haha so ironic!)
Cancel a booking job without a valid reason if you are confirmed one.
Miss your booking.
Pick up the wrong passenger for booking jobs.
Pick and choose. (why do u think they are always "On Call")
Tout and overcharge.
Talk on mobile phone without using a hands-free set or engage in long conversation while driving.


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