Friday, July 11, 2008

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

hmm..I have not read the book Men are from mars, women are from venus but I think there must be some relevance else the author would not use it as a basis of comparison. Perhaps Mars is more filled with Carbon dioxide and nearer to the sun, thus gets more heated up thus the connection with Men? or perhaps women are colder and more aloof, or perhaps like the Greek God Venus, thus the link. Whatever it is, there is definitely a difference between the two gender.

The day began as any ordinary day, but the night ended with me thinking about what HE has done for me lately. I dont mean what chores he has done or what bills he has paid. I truly appreciate these that he has done. But rather, i began to wonder, what sweet nothings he had said to me lately and what little gestures he has shown to say "i love u". the result -- Nil? (ok, there was one last Saturday when he finally woke up after I have already worked for several hours, and he smsed me that he missed me ) Other than that, i seriously can't recall anything that was done to touch me. in fact, the number of things that has been done to touch me can be counted using my ten little fingers. I'm serious! I think men are just insensitive. or issit just HIm? after watching a drama serial, 唐心风暴 one of the characters, Alfred, really hit me as a great bf. with such a petty gf, he is still so ever so loving and tolerant. Doing the most romantic things like learning to dive for her coz she loves to dive. come to think of it, what has he learnt for me? hmmm.....I learnt to blade...okok, i blade like a duck n it was only for that moment to impress him n touch him on his bday..but hey! i tried, i failed n I managed to say "i love u and happy bday " in a special way. I'm a sucker for love stories and I really wish something like this would happen to me. Perhaps a bouquet of flowers will just appear by my doorstep..or perhaps a candle light dinner prepared by my love one. Or just a simple note pasted on my screen to say how much i mean to him. AIYOooooooooooooo am i reading too much romance novels or such things dont exist? Maybe not in my life. Tough luck. I can only continue to dwell in my fairytale and live in the delusion that I have a very sensitive and romantic other half. (yaya..receiving a bouquet of flowers only after 6 yrs of courtship and on our wedding day......soooooooooo lomantic hor?)

They always say we should not complain and compare. well, i'm really tryin hard to do so, but we are only humans.


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