Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The morning began with an inspiring thought. FOOD!
As suggested by student's mom, I visited www.appledaily.com. N boy was I in for a treat! There are so many dishes to learn from. Best of all, it's all streamed movies. Only problem, it's in cantonese. Being a cantonese, I'm pretty ashamed. I can speak basic canto and my listening skills are pretty good. Only problem are the words! I dont bloody know what ingredients they are using at times. See la, teacher always ask us to study hard, now regret liao lor. Dont know how to read those cheam cheam chinese words! Well dont blame me, blame it on the system. They taught us the simplified Chinese and not the traditional ones.

Anyway, I'm gonna figure out some recipes and try it out this wkend! Will post some pictures then!


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