Friday, July 25, 2008

Love's Tombstone?

After days of inspiration from, I've finally decided on my menu for this Sunday's cookout. yes, I'm rattling like some housewife again. Actually, it's a real joy to cook for people you love (not to mention a joy to eat!) but, u sometimes really wonder if the person really appreciates. I recall, during the good old days of courtship (or pak tor-ing), we used to accompany his mother (my MIL) to the supermarket and do grocery shopping. Though we didn't have a place of our own then, we've always enjoyed the process and in my mind i was thinking "boy, this man is THE man! we can cook together, and shop for grocery together". As time goes by, it seems to be different. Ask him sunday morning get up early go buy food, he grumbles. Not coz he can't get up, but rather, he doesn't like the crowd. He says he likes his wife to just buy without asking n cook without asking. Soooo MCP, wants food laid on the table when he comes back. WEll too bad, I'm always working till 10pm!

Anyhow, i went grocery shopping today alone. Had to cancel one lesson coz I was running late. I swear it wasn't coz i was tooo engrossed (okok, i was a little ...happy?), but there were just so many things to carry n there's one little me. my arms almost broke. there are still things (dried ones of coz) in my car!! by 12noon i was done shopping and by 1pm i was done packing and washing the stuff up. Talk about efficiency! then I had a quick lunch, prep for lessons and zipped off at 2pm! SUPER productive.

The day would have ended perfectly, if HE didn't break his promise. Promised to go have yonghe soya bean tonite after class, but obviously he has forgotten and have gone for beer with friends, thus I'm sitting here, blogging, and wondering at times am I just doing too much? Are all men like that? Almost snapped with him (well i did snap a little) coz it had been a tiring day with kids who just dont want to focus! perhaps that's why my tolerance level is dwindling. sigh. Get a life la! Sheez.

Marriage -- Love's Tombstone?


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