Sunday, July 13, 2008

Little Miss Happy

I'm very proud of myself today. Did hell lot of stuff. Woke up at 8am and got ready for work. Earned the greens till 1+pm. Got home and folded a mt Everest of clothes (been piling up la) n followed by ironing of some clothes (realised i've been re-wearing loads of stuff which didn't require ironing). That took a while and then by 3+pm i started reading the till almost 5+....the eyelids became heavy and went for a nap which led me till 7pm!!! Woke up n started marking n i must say, i marked quite a fair bit today. Then dinner. After which, I researched on what to cook tmw whilst watching a silly show "WAR INC" before going out for Rocher Soya Bean at Geylang.

Sad that wokkingmum will be taking a break from blogging. can't wait for her new recipes. But meanwhile, guess wat? I've found a new site with really great recipes :

Can't wait for tmw's cookout!!

PS: A little sad today that friends commented that i'm putting on weight. esp on the arms. well actually i'm aware la, just tat i'm super lazy to exercise and am a terrible procastinator when it comes to losing weight! Must be baby's fault la! keep jio-ing me for supper! grrr..but nevermind, as someone said...the onli consolation is I'm married!Hahah but then again, it's no excuse to be fat ok! i must be a modern wife!


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