Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cookout, Nails, fakies and more.

Cheezy Pork Cutlet (Had a bloody hard time pounding it with the back of the knife to tenderize it!)..but not bad tasting la..just that presentation not very nice
Glutinous Stuffed Squid. YUM! nice! but i think could be better if I had used a pressure cooker as recommended. Coz the taste did not really infuse into the squid
This must had been the dish of the night! HERBAL IMPERIAL EMPEROR CHICKEN! Cooked with love for 3.5hours! With additional ingredients to make it extra tasty!
Delicious right? Of course la! It's one of my favourite too! White Wine Clam! YUMMY

It was a tiring cookout yesterday. Somehow my stamina failed me. I tried whipping up a variety of dishes from an array of culture (namely jap and chinese only la). The glutinous stuff squid proved to be a challenged coz the recipe was a little unclear (either that or I'm plain dense). Secondly, i didnt have a pressure cooker, thus had to rely on simmering. Butttttttt, my emperor Herbal chicken turned out really well. Everyone loved it! I added extra ingredients to make it extra herbal-lish. Dont ask me what they are. All I know is there's red dates, wolfberries, dang gui, n some other stuff which I have no idea what it's called in English. But hey, no sweat, just go to any shop selling such dry herbs and u'll find a conveniently packed packet on the shelf! Just stuff it into the chicken and steam the babe for approximately 2.5 to 3hours.

After all that cooking, my eyes for some strange reason ached. Perhaps i stood too long hammering and trying to tenderise the pork cutlet. Well, tender it was indeed, so were my two thunder thighs! But well, at least the 6 patrons (hubby included) enjoyed the meal.

As i'm feeling a little stone (perhpas coz I woke up at 7+am to teach this morning! Though it's suppose to be Youth day!), I decided to give myself a break and began to wonder when was the last time i painted my nails! It's a little too late to be doing them but it's really inspiring to see all those clips on youtube. oh oh guess what? I bought my first fakies! no i'm not gonna fake it tonite!hahaha, it's my first fake eyelashes! cousin's getting married end of this month, I mustn't lose to the bride!

ok, I'm gonna carry on reading some bo liao blogs. Leaving you the below link on a rather interesting way to perk up your nails. =)


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