Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ups and downs of life

After the Martin road saga, the day progressed lethargically. Finally when action came, it wasn't exactly what i've envisioned. XX's mother told me that she felt that XX and YY's results are stagnant/ dropping. Naturally since they are swamped with so much hw and half the time they duno what they are doing. Half the time after explaining, I also duno if they got 100% of it. It's no fault of theirs. Takes two hands to clap n we seriously lack time to go thru old stuff. You know kids, it's always important to have the responsibility to go thru stuff which your teachers teach u. Unfortunately, XX's mother told me that the daddy was pissed as the children's results aren't improving. I had been teaching them for 3 yrs now and initially it was still fine. I guess now they are getting a little lazier and not doing hw thus not keeping their momentum. Furthermore, they r sent to famous tuition centres which swamp them with worksheets beyond their level. I was directed by the parent to go thru wherever possible with them. so that I'm doing. unfortunately, time doesn't permit me to help them with all the questions. After they try (they take an awfully long time), I would not have enough time to think of the answer. And now, XX is "accused" of being too reliant on me for answers. BUT HEY, am i suppose to leave him at lurch with his hw? i thought the instruction to me was to help him with his other tuition hw. which i'm doing n in the process, i do try to get him to try b4 helping. but perhpas it's true, children do get reliant. As such, the dad proposed to stop tuition. the mom told me n i was dumbfounded. however she said that the kid requested for tuition thus she didn't call me re the matter.

Firstly, it makes mi feel incompetent. Is it coz of me that they aren't improving. U see, it's easy to see significant improvement if the kid isn't doing well to begin with. N with good attitude n motivation, i can guarantee u will see results. however, if u are already in the top of the class, how to improve? get 100/100 for all subjects? human nature -- we are never satisfied. but seriously this really made me feel like a deflated balloon. when kids get gd results, no praises come. But when they drop a few positions down, all fingers will be pointing at u. is that fair? n the thing that pisses me off is that i seem to be losing out to some big shot branded tuition centre again! Perhaps it's coz students are swamped with too much work. and the stuff given by these centres perhaps are not within the standard. they may b good, but they are not customised. So why not quit from such centres? why put me at back seat?

This made me all moody when i came home. Din even feel like talking to my baby (who was busy gaming) Coz not only i began to have doubts with my capability, i worry about the $$. I have to reanalyze the situation. R these people are worth my effort. Seriously, if the parents dont communicate and help out, at the end of the day, the students suffer.


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