Thursday, July 17, 2008

On the battlefield

7 月17日。雨。(inspired by 常在心in 唐心风暴...she's so into writing digital diaries)

It's midwk and I'm feeling burnout. Been doing stupid things since the start of the wk. First whilst making 爱心toast for my dearest, I placed the bread (with wrapper) on top of the toaster and guess what? it melted. Why am I not surprised! To think I teach Science! This is so embarrassing! Perhaps my brains weren't working or I was too excited to catch 唐心风暴。Felt really guilty. Baby took a scraper (not the wisest tool) to try scrap the residue away, but it's still stuck. now, there's an ugly mark.

Next stupid thing. I was downloading Adobe Illustrator trial version after being mersmirized by its prowess over the wkend. Been searching high and low for the installer from friends, but to no avail. thus, thinking I'm soooo smart, I decided to search for a crack key. Search I did, but i ended up having loads of trojans, adwares, spywares etc etc. I dont even know what the hell they were! They just started popping up! it was as if i was fighting a war! when my baby finally came home, i shouted for help! He was pissed. I could tell, but he was really nice n tried to be patient. Perhaps coz I gave him that pathetic look. However, he had to spend the whole night (well till 2am at least) killing viruses and trying to set things straight. things dont seem good though when i woke up this morning. The spybot detected more trojans. i think it's time to reformat. So I've spent the whole morning trying to do a backup. It's been months since I've done that, u can imagine how much shit i have. I'm still backup-ing my desktop as I type (separately on a laptop that is).

The first half of the day left me really out of breath. Preparing for lessons, clearing out all my creative writing books so that I can do up my teaching materials this wkend (hopefully). Now, sitting in my dining room, sipping a cup of my favourite Sobe Soya Bean (less sugar), I can hear the birds chirping and the rain pelting. I finally feel a little peaceful. (YA RITE! The day just started lor! who am I to deceive? I'm just sitting down, stoning, waiting for the battle to begin once again)


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