Thursday, July 10, 2008

Walk down memory lane

That cash register must be older than me!
These pictures were taken with my HTC Touch by the way. A far cry from what I took at home with the food! no more yello lights!
What an interesting looking lamp!
See a familiar looking clock. I remember seeing it somewhere, but just can't recall. But that steamer nxt to it was something I thought was a spaceship! Mom used to have it on her head and i thought it would turn her into an alien!

Went to watch The Incredible Hulk (not bad by the way..can watch on a monday night...cheaper!haha) on Monday night at Leisure Park Kallang with my sweetie. It's a cinema where u need not book your tix! coz hardly anyone goes there. In fact, i did not even know it wasn't under GV, Eng Wah or Cathay. Yup! Had to google for it and found it at!

Anyway, cut long story short, found this lovely place on the highest floor (next to the cinema). It features loads of vintage stuff. A real cool trip down memory lane!


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