Monday, November 30, 2009

Comfy Homes

After 2 days, I'm still trying to adjust to the mode of life in Singapore. Wish time can come to a standstill and I can wake up every morning to aromatic breakfast served in room or to see sweetie still lying in bed next to me. Sweet. Nevertheless, the first day back, I did indeed feel like I was still in Neverneverland. A spotless house greeted me and sweetie. All thanks to the service rendered by Comfy Homes, I didn't have to worry about the dust which piled up whilst I was away. It felt like I was still in the villa and a well-housekeept room welcomed me each time after a massage session at Jln Sultan or a stroll by Kuta Beach. For that matter, I didn't have to worry about the dust at any point in time. Neither did I have to lift a finger to scrub off the grimes in the toilet (ok, this gruelling task isn't undertaken by me most of the time...*blessed*) No matter the situation, they'll have the right solution! Just think, they managed to spring cleaned my mom's place last year during Chinese New Year! That's a magnificent feat for those of you who know how unkempt mom can get in terms of housekeeping. Life is so much simple with extra help from Comfy Homes. You should try them today!

Quality, Service, Trustworthy, Cleanliness and Value!


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