Thursday, November 12, 2009

In Reverie


My mind is in a state of dreamy mediation or fanciful musing. In reverie, if you will. I curled up into a ball on my bed and refused to drag myself out of bed. But I did, with the help of a phonecall. Today is a perfect day. It's a day for me, myself and I. At long last! There had been a serious case of exam overdose over the past few wks and I was up to my eyeballs with work. There was absolutely no time for personal space until now...

The below are just some of my "achievements":

1. Went to Palais and had my hair cut. Love Mink to the max....his snipping skills is just magical. Was complimented for looking slimmer after the cut. hmmm...I think the excess hair must have weighed a ton! haha

2. Cleared my bookshelf. Though a trivial task, (coz there's really nothing much to throw out! I need more space!!) albeit mundane, I managed.

3. Cleared my wardrobe. A massive task which has been under procrastination for the longest time. I've come to the conclusion that if I don't clear, I won't be able to buy new stuff! Not that I had to, but mysteriously, loads of Tees are shrinking! before you start thinking that I've piled up on fats (which inevitably I did), those basic tees are shrinking in terms of length! A common problem it seems with a lot of girls. Thank goodness I'm not alone! Bought a few new basic tees and upon comparison, I found that the shrinkage was about 2inches or more! Now I've gotto go through the exasperating task of washing.
As daunting as it was, I chugged on. I wasn't kidding when I said I had heaps to clear!Ended up with three big bags of clothes to give away. Any takers?

4. Bought a new dress online which is insanely suitable for CNY!

5. Did heaps of filing and threw away mountains of papers. So sorry to global warming! I did try to salvage my sins by sending them for recycling. That should amount for something!

6. DIY Pedicure. The concoction of ethanol and apple aromatherapy essence was rather intoxicating. Was experimenting with a new nail art pen. Shamefully, I've failed miserably.

Gotto catch up with more compilations, readings and chores. Somehow, when one is in a state of euphoria, mundane chores suddenly seem invigorating! It's a bittersweet session I guess.

A day back....Wednesday.

Mother-in-law's birthday was apparently on Sunday and seemed like none of her children remembered! Talk about filial piety! When "confronted" by me, sweetie even said that he had given her the best present -- No cooking for the day! GOSH! Anyway, being a member of the family, I decided to do my part and coordinated a surprise dinner for MIL. It's no easy task to get everyone together much less put on an act! Big bro was Best actor of the night as he squeeze his way through with excuses like going to the toilet to shit when he bumped into MIL and SIL!

MIL was obviously trying to contain her glee when she entered the restaurant and three familiar faces welcomed her! She was busy taking a picture of her birthday cake. Hmm..wonder when was the last time her children bought her a cake! Even though she's not an advocate of sweet stuff, her heart must have melted when she saw our sweet gesture.

It was many years back when i ate at Thai Sharksfin Village. Somehow, it didn't taste as good. Though the fins were thick and succulent, the broth was a tat too starchy. Sweetie was reminiscing the sharks fin at our wedding -- The best ever, he said.
Like all families, they must have had their share of eccentricities, of impetuous and wayward youngsters and of family disagreements. At the end of the day when you think about it, family is one of nature's masterpieces

Alright, gotto carry on lounging in my living room with a cup of Camomile tea in one hand and a great book in the other!


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