Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Time is seemingly disappearing at an immeasurable speed. These few days, I've been dragging my feet at blogging. It's becoming a little daunting. Started out with enthusiasm and then run out of steam. Not sure why. Perhaps the lack of direction and topics. Perhaps coz nothing interesting is happening these days. perhaps...okok..I've come to the conclusion that I may be just plain lazy!

The last couple of days were good. Felt like a dedicated housewife. Wonder when I'd be a dedicated tai tai (rich housewife) or a dedicated mom? I secretly wish that all motherly urges would be expunged from me coz I'm constantly in battle with myself and ________. It doesn't help that we have conflicting ideals in life. It doesn't help that there's a lack of enthusiasm and support too. I ask myself -- are we ready to suffer through years of sch exams, relationship woes, pimple outbreaks and demands for bigger allowances? To top it off, he'll be riding out his rebellious teenage years when I'm hiting 60. More importantly, are we ready financially? Perhaps coz as a child, i had to manage mom's mood (which i still have to), whose swings between loving and mild-mannered (once in a blue moon) one hour and shouting and angsty the next. Perhaps that's why I grew up having loads of concerns. However, would really like to put down "being a mom" to my list of life's achievements and relish every aspect of it one day. Hope the frequency gap will be bridged soon and we'll both see it in the same light. It doesn't help that I seemingly want it more than him. The clock is ticking too fast. Guess he's your stereotypical child-averse individual.
With both our cholesterol levels tipping the marginally high scales, I decided to whip up a healthy meal on Sunday. Did the grocery at 4pm and was home by 5pm! Efficiency at its max! Sweetie pissed me off by not wanting to help me buy a pack of rice. Kept throwing the ball to others which pissed me to no end. Men. Typical? I guess so, after being together for too long. This was attested by couz P who later swung by to pick up her storage boxes. 'A', her soon- to-be husband and bf of a gazillion years, sat comfortably in the car, not moving a muscle! URGH.....Been making nice sandwiches for sweetie.....day one -- Chicken mayo sandwiches; day two -- Cheesy hot dog; day three - hmm perhaps tuna sandwich? Mundane as it might seem, it does give me joy in expressing my love through food!

On other aspects of life, excitement heightens as cousin P's wedding draws near. Perhaps it's our family. There's bound to be endless quarrels during preparation for weddings. First it was my wedding, now it's P. haha, I empathize with you totally! Finally collected my dress from the tailor's. The freshness in its design isn't like a daisy anymore, after so long, but I must say, it's pretty! I'm sure no one will have the same outfit as me! :) Now, I've gotto settle my manicure. It frustrates me to no end when people do not reply sms or emails timely. They are either too busy with work or simply don't know how to run a business! Hopefully I get a better timing, else I'd have to drag myself to the appointment at 8am this Thursday! I really dread that! But in the name of vanity, I fear I'll have to do it!

Lastly, not sure if I shared, but I was recently fined for parking near a junction. admittedly, it's my fault but that neighbourhood didn't have a single public carpark! The compound of the landed properties are all too small for the residents to park, thus most would park along the road. As a result, i had no space to park! With safety in mind, I followed the crowd and parked along the same side of the road. The lane is so narrow that only a bus and a mini abreast could pass through. Thus, a letter of complaint was issued by yours truly, asking the authorities to review their parking strategy. Should I park slightly away from the junction, I'd be hitting a single continous white line, which would land me an offence no less. If I park slightly further up, I'll hit a bend, which is highly dangerous! So I questioned them, WHERE SHOULD I PARK?? And the above was their reply. Sweetie was reading it and asked me why was the word "disclosed" used in this manner. hmm...good question. I guess it's their way of being lucid and expressive. Hate it when they get all pompus! n note that last line " conscious effort to comply...". I'M OFFENDED! Have I not made myself clear of the situation? There was simply no other way out! Seriously, can't these people just simply admit their mistakes?? Perhaps pride is the culprit. Perhaps....perhaps....


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