Thursday, November 12, 2009


The O Levels have finally come to a smashing end. Many must be rejoicing to the tune of frolicking in slumberland till the mid-day sun or indulging in Facebooking till the wee hours of the day. Well, I don't blame you for it, coz if you had slogged, you certainly deserve a breather.

With the end of the Os, spells the end of a long journey with one special girl.

The above adorable little girl (SO CUTE RIGHT??? Don't you just wanna pinch her cheeks??) has blossomed into a charismatic adolescent -- One of a kind, whose memory is like a flour sifter and who never fails to amaze me with her wild imagination or her artistic talents.
With my incessant naggings, she's finally suppressing her abundant energy and showing the serious side of her. I hope I've taught you well......

my absolute favourite part of the room! Am vaguely sad that I won't see it anymore.....*SOB*

Trunks and Bob -- Our trusty companion who r always there for us, rain or shine.
K gave me Trunk's twin -- TRINKS! It's difficult to measure empirically how much it means to be receiving something from you in a long long while! haha
Mixing dinner/ awesome Beehoon breakfast and work certainly don't give us indigestion when you are with great company. In fact, it is in this room where we enjoy a feast of all imaginable opulence.
I could feel the sadness engulfing my heart as I gave you a big hug. A small tingling sensation of reluctance crept up my spine. I'm hopelessly emotional when it comes to parting. However reluctant we are, we have to part.

The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again!

Till we meet again, Bittery!


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