Sunday, November 08, 2009

Welcome to the club of Coffee Connoisseurs!

Christmas came early this year. Sweetie got himself a new toy. A present for being a good boy for the year?

Welcome to the club of Coffee Connoisseurs!

A perfect espresso has a distinct flavour, with intense aromas and a full body, delicately topped with a rich, smooth crema. What makes Nespresso unique, is its absolute control of all the elements necessary for producing exceptional coffee, cup after cup.

We were at Taka today, wanting to stock up on the capsules when I saw this gorgeous machine. BLING BLING! My kind of design!

Nespresso provides a unique choice of 16 Grand Crus to satisfy every taste at any time of the day. I'm no connoisseur but apparently, there are subtle differences in each intensity. To savour its aroma, Nespresso welcomes you to their tasting area at their boutique where you can savour the different levels of your choice. ION has much better service as our trip to taka today was dampened by the unprofessional service rendered by one of the staff. She didn't put on a smile, wasn't helpful in explaining the various flavours let alone give us much opinion and worst of all, she walked away halfway as sweetie was tasting his coffee! Management is soooo gonna hear from me! Instead, she was far enthusiastic when serving a Malay family! Racisim?

Sweetie settled for Intensity number 8. Roma -- A subtle balance between strength, depth and finesse, Roma is distinguished by its woody and roasted notes. Central and South American Arabicas combined wih Robusta are lightly roasted to preserve the delicate aroma of the blend. Roma is the ideal coffee for those looking for an espresso that is short, but mild. Quite intense i think.....bought each sleeve of 10 for $9.90, which works out to $0.99 per cup...hmm...cheaper than Mac Cafe! Not to mention more aromatic!

This is baby's new toy! In a smashing red no less! Container's from IKEA....Nespresso sells accompanying accessories like storage and cups, but they are all freaking expensive! Really like our little coffee corner.
Complimentary with each machine bought. We were told, Nespresso Coffee Experts explore the world in search of the finest harvests of "specialty coffees" which represent only 10% of total world production. Nespresso only selects coffees of the very highest quality, which are harvested and sorted by hand and then washed and dried in the sun, before being exported. Upon arrival, the green coffee undergoes several checks before being blended, roasted, ground and packaged. Every Espresso machine is euipped with a high-pressure pump, which draws out all the coffee's aromas and ensures a smooth, thick crema.

Ahhhh...A truly aromatic experience.

Sweetie had his how can I not have mine? Picked up a few items up today:
Am particularly excited about the Elmo 2010 planner I've got! Battled over it quite a bit as it cost a whopping $16.90. Sweetie tried stopping me. Legitimate, since I've already bought a huge $4.90 boring black planner from POPULAR. Nevertheless, his attempts failed! hehe Dinner was at Tampopo. Was craving for Ramen since the disappointing episode last wkend. Tampopo proved to be a notch better in terms of its thick stock which it claims to have boiled for 2 days using pig bones. Sweet, but it left me thirsty the whole night. Noodle texture -- nothing fantastic; Ingredients -- DISAPPOINTING! THere was hardly any ingredients in the bowl of ramen. Especially sweetie's sabu sabu Ramen. I had to offer him some of my Katsu! Service -- average...had a hard time catching the waiters' attention and I could hardly comprehend the waiter. His diction was amazing! Half fight with Riz Low! Guess the typical Singaporean do indeed speak poor English...or Manglish as some would put it.


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