Saturday, November 07, 2009

Crap or Crepe?


At long last, the 5 of us managed to get together, all thanks to M who returned from his "voyage". Really envious of that guy, cruising around on board Titanic. Pity G fell ill at the eleventh hour, else it'd certainly be a complete gathering. Anyway, our rendezvous happened at a little cafe tucked at 44 Prinsep Street. Owned by a young handsome Frenchman, Creperie de Arts is just the place for us to chill out.

The restaurant as the name implies, serves an assortment of crepes.

Did you know?

Traditionally known as galette (buckwheat) the crepe is made with flour, eggs and milk.

I had savoury seafood crepe as my main. Succulent scallops adorned the freshly made crepe. Smothered in cream sauce and garnished with some herbs and a dash of pepper, this crepe is dangerously delicious. Size wise, was a little too much for me. M had the classic ham crepe wich was dressed in what looked like lightly-melted cheese. S and E shared a chicken crepe. Wrapped in crispy warmed crepe are layers of tasty chicken coated with marinates, smothered with sliced mushroom and deliciously creamy sauce and finally garnished with a dash of pepper.

We were all up to our neck after our main course, but dessert's always a must! The above was just one of the 2 desserts we shared. Banana split coverered in sticky maple syrup adorn this freshly cooked crepe, with a side of ice cream and topped with fluffy whipped cream. Our senses were further tickled by the Choc syrup drizzled generously on the crepe.

Creperie de Arts is a nice place to host a birthday party or simply chilling out in al fresco style with close friends. Check it out today! Really happy to have caught up with old friends. Endless things to chat about.

Friendship needs no words.....................


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