Friday, August 13, 2010

Beauty is skin deep

Woke up having a tummyache. Weird dreams + tummyache + incessant drillings from lift upgrades = bad mood + low productivity. Somehow, for the last two days, I felt a little lost. There's tons to complete, but I'm simply too lazy. I guess I'm breaking the monotony by whiling my time away. The cycle has been perpetuating itself for a few days now and I'm getting seriously worried. Made plans to meet up with J but as usual, she had to reschedule. This leaves me to think of my contingency plan. Hmm. I have none! Now i begin to ponder and recollect. Every post seems to be plastered with uneventful stuff and are just plain bleak and mundane stories to remind me of life. Sweetie has been working late (n i've been his driver sporadically), thus I can't look fwd to our wkly Sunday breakfasts. However, he did promise me a hearty one once the YOG is done. Hopefully he remembers by then and not leave me in grudges as he flies off for his golf escapade.

Nevertheless, today is FRIDAY! TGIF = signal the end of a week (not for me though) and an escape from the grind of work/ school. With a hectic schedule planned next week -- appointments, a wedding and PSLE, I'm thankful that I can look forward to coming home to my own eden tonite.

Been meaning to write a post re skincare, but as usual, procrastination took the front seat. As the saying goes, beauty is skin deep. Ever since a puberty, I've recognised the importance of good skin but sadly, never had one. Often, I'd ogle at the prim lady with perfectly manicured maroon red nails to go with her flawless face that was covered with make-up. Or perhaps the lanky teenager with sharp cheekbones accentuating a heart-shaped face with a smile exposing a row of immaculate teeth. As a child, I was totally clueless as to how I could go about achieving all those. Those times, Internet wasn't that prevalent and education from mom was far and beyond. Mom however, did do stuff to help. Namely, inflict pain! She constantly brandished the intimidating facial needle and pricked on my acne! that scarred me for life, literally. My stomach would be knotted into a tight fist, clenching my intestines as fear swamp me. There was little that I could do as mom pinned me down. Trepidation threatened to swallow me whole as she came closer. I was in agony for the next few days with a face as red as a tomato. The once porcelain (when I was a baby perhaps) skin was now scarred! It really didn't help that I was going through puberty then and with the incessant mockings from male counterparts, it really did bad for my esteem.

Years later, as I blossomed, mom figured that she was spending way too much on me and quit pricking me. She left my skin pretty much alone. Phew. It was a new road to discovery. However, I was still a student, a poor one no less and was penniless. Skincare products are a dime and dozen and with the large array of stuff claiming to do miracles, I fell into the trap of grabbing everything off the shelf. Detrimental effects!

Lesson learnt -- One should always understand one's skintype and purchase with proper education

From off-the-shelves, came visits to facial houses. Once again, not having the moolah means I can't visit those upmarket ones in the city and have to settle for those in the heartlands (mostly recommended by "aunties" like mom). The whole pricking process was re-enacted. The situation was dire, and I could not wait till I get my first paycheck from part-times. Finally, proper consultation with a doctor, who put me on a course of medication which resulted in dry lips. For a while, it helped, but then the cycle came back again. It was then that I came to terms with things and told myself that it was simply puberty and bad genes.

Fast forward to today. With greater financial ability and technology, I'm able to make more informed purchases and have since kept those volcanic eruptions at bay. The next thing to worry is -- FINE LINES! Time has a cruel way of leaving its traces on one's skin. Being a skincare junkie, these days, anything that claim to rejuvenate and has the phrase "ANTI-AGING", I'd probably be sucked into purchasing.

Below are some of my purchases of late:

Several people have swore by this little bottle which cost a whopping SGD$265 (on my last purchase in June). I thought I gave it a try too. And now I'm hooked! My virgin experience with this luxurious product was whilst on my honeymoon. Ran out of eye cream thus I visited the counter, thinking that it may be a tad cheaper. Boy was I wrong! I couldn't indulge in such things then, namely because we were on a honeymoon and money should be spent on enjoyment and 2ndly, the hubs was around (he'll nag like crazy!) Fortunately, the counter girl was nice enough to give me a sample which lasted me a week! As it was the wintry season, this product proved its worth and I was instantly convinced! The verdict: 2 thumbs up. Can be a little rich if you have young skin. La Mer's products are typically richer and for "older" skin. Then again, i really see an improvement on my dark circles.
Several years back when I signed up a package with DRX, I made my acquaintance with this term: microdermabrasion. It was really quite an expensive treatment and mostly available at facial houses. Today, I'm happy to rekindle my love for this process, only this time, it came in a jar and I could do it from the comforts of my home! The exfoliating beads are to my liking. It's texture is rough, unlike some of the other off-the-shelves I've tried. Leaves my face soft and radiant. Even the hubs is using it occasionally! The man has his vain side too! Retailing at approximately $134 but I got it at $165 together with some other miniatures.

THis product sounds awesome. I've yet to try though.

A whole set, just for $165. Best deal!
Presenting the LANCASTER 365 Cellular Elixir. This was what its advertising script wrote:

the first serum to support DNA protection and repair for younger looking skin and a radiant complexion. Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir acts exactly where your cells need it and helps protect DNA from future damage.

Skeptical. Seriously I do not know how they are able to get to my DNAs. Scientifically, aren't DNA in our genes which is in our chromosomes that's in our nucleus that's in our cells? With so many levels, would this seriously deliver what it says? Apparently I feel it does! My scars seem to be lightening and upon first application, I do see the difference. Skin seems more revitalized, smooth and radiant. A small bottle like this cost a whopping $165

Now you know where all my money go to!


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