Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One step at a time

In a little blink, 11 days have passed since I last blogged. Ops, the determination seems to be weaning a tad and I'm besieged by guilt.

It's been quite a whirlwind last week with several scheduling problems being escalated by one particular person. Some people simply have no respect whatsoever for others and take things for granted. Here's the big pic: I texted the parent on Monday to confirm the time for Friday's lesson. upon the second message (the next day) did she reply saying she's not home to find out what time her child would be back on Friday. Nice. Being a stay-home mom and she isn't aware of her child's time-table. Told me she'd get back, but no reply till I dropped her yet another text on Wed morning. Only then she replied saying she went home late and a host of other excuses. My phone is switched on 24/7, so no matter how late, I'd be available. ok, granted that she was trying to give me some personal space, but why did I have to chase for an answer? Nevertheless, the answer came and the time was not convenient as child was not coming home straight after school, whilst all others are. hmm....not really his fault though as he is involved in some performances in school. At a time like this, when the PSLE is looming ahead like a dark curtain, I say it's silly. Thus, after much upheaval, I've switched everyone around and accommodated to his timing. You would have thought all was good now, but NOooooo...later that day, the mom texted me to say her child needs to stay back till 10pm! hmm..which primary school does that? Apparently it was the school's anniversary and she doesn't know! Honestly, if parenting had a grade, she would have scored a F-! thinking that Monday and Tues were holidays (due to National day), she thought I'd be able to have a session then. BUT my bookings came as early as 3 wks ago and I had to declined and added that I was having extra sessions with my students. Panic struck, she requested for extras too. With the annoying times she has (eg no lessons after 7pm as the child needs to eat at 7pm sharp, n sleep by 9+pm), I had to reject gently.

Enough said. The above was really a mundane explosion of one of the many things which made me ticked last wk. Escalation of it is a testament to its ineffectiveness. So let's move on....

The wkend had been pretty fulfilling. Met up with E & H again on Sunday. As usual, E fussed over H's marital status. These days, there have been talks of people putting marriage by the side as they pursue a glamorous career -- an evolving role of women in modern society. Singaporean women have made strides int he last few decades. The young women of today are educated and articulate, are well travelled and career-minded. But once their biological clock starts ticking, they start to go into a frenzy mode, signing up with matchmaking services like SDU/ Love actually/ going overseas to buy true love. Read in an article that said it used to be, Singaporean males who signed up with matchmaking agencies to look for foreign brides were older than 45, and had little or no education. Lately, men in their 20s and 30s who are educated and earn decent pay are turning to these agencies. Long-distance relationship used to be so rare that the mere possibility of someone having one would spark weeks and months of intense debate among his or her friends. However, these days, it's a commonplace. Would be witnessing yet another wedding next Saturday which will display Love beyond borders.

Alright, if you have read to this far, I must applaud you for your patience! haha. Here's some pictures to satisfy those who are more visual:
Enjoyed a blueberry Cheesecake with E&H at Suduko Japanese Coffee house @ Bugis whilst the hubs enjoyed a wedding feast at Inter-continental Hotel!
THe Goma Cheesecake was more to my liking. Nice presentation and not exorbitant.

A sneak preview of what's cooking on National day:

Managed to guess what'd I'll be cooking? Answers will be revealed in my next post (which hopefully would be soon! URGH I'm so behind time!)


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