Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inaugural Singapore Youth Olympics 2010

The vivacious ruckus escalated as we approached 20:10 on 14 August 2010. The music went up by a notch the minute the clock struck 20:10 and history arrived under the crescent moon, serenaded by a the cool breeze.

History was made as Singapore ushered in the inaugural Youth Olympic Games 2010. The mood was high and it was clear everyone was inhaling the party atmosphere. Boisterous celebratory tunes blasted from the speakers in tune with the exploding firecrackers. The entire Marina area was ruptured by the rambunctious cheers as the country and 203 other nations (a good 30% of which I have never heard of!) rejoiced. The world watched as Singapore unfolded a dazzling show. There were dance and music segments and even a mini musical put together. The exuberance of youth shone through as they danced up a storm in their brightly coloured outfits. It was a night that had the smell of fresh beginnings.

One of the highlights had to be the Olympic rings formed by 750 students from 5 secondary schools, within the reflecting pool on the floating platform. Choreographer Tay Poh Soon was the man behind this fantastic formation which caused exuberance to bloom and many to somersault in excitement. This symmetry of light was so perfectly executed. The interlocking rings of the Olympics suggested a sharing of ideas and ideals among disparate young people.

Spectacular fireworks also light up the Singapore skyline. For a moment, I felt that it was a repeat telecast of the recent National Day Parade, only with a seemingly bigger bang. I should have purchased a ticket and stand by the rooftop of Marina Sands to feast my eyes on the dazzling display of lights. I could totally feel the celebratory mood though i only caught the televised glimpse of the celebration.

Throughout, several metaphor lurked but the message was clear. The Youth Olympic is an event to build strong and abiding bonds of friendship and learn that the power of sports and the ideals of Olympic values can help us build a more united and peaceful world. Hopefully more Singaporeans students would recognise this motto as it's rather disappointing to hear that students are happy to go watch the YOG coz they do not need to go to school! One 12-yr old boy from Compassvale Primary School, however, was truly enthusiastic about the event. He ran close to 15km in the rain, alongside bearers of the Youth Olympic Flame torch, as it made its way through Sengkang, Punggol and Hougang. ( Such grit determination despite the hammering rain sure deserved more than a pat on the back.

As this 27m structure floated into the Marina Bay, sweetie said, "Hey look! That dragon is shitting!" Confused, I scrutinized and realised he was referring to the little sparklets coming out from the tail of the structure. Alas, we should not make fun of this glittery structure, for it represented the new Youth Olympic Games movement and is in fact a mythical phoenix! OPS. It transported the flame over Marina Bay to the show ground where a cauldron shaped like a lighthouse was lit by 2 time world champion sailor Darren Choy. I truly embraced the momentous segment as a Singaporean. Hopefully I get a chance to view the 32m high cauldron in person.


This event wouldn't be possible without the men and women behind the scene and I'm so proud that MY MAN is one of them!

Apparel's sponsored by Crocodile. Don't quite understand the logic behind the colour combination (ie. Purple top and kahki shorts -that's all fine...but coupled with a lime green pouch..hmmm..not really my cup of tea. Perhaps a generation gap of taste)

Baby's venue. Proud that you are overseeing so much and have so many responsibilities at hand. Have never seen you multitask at this level and thought that it was a talent only held by me! haha.The poor thing has been working from wee hours till midnight and I'm missing him a whole lot, though the lonesome respite at home is sometimes a welcome. The rush could have been avoided probably if various parties were more cooperative and efficient. It's no wonder that even the local papers said that there exists a nervous anticipation over the eventual efficacy of the games. But I believe we will pull through eventually and everyone will remember Singapore as being the First!

Looks like I'm not the only person who's proud of you! Even the committee is acknowledging your contribution. NICE. :)

Some collectibles:

Check out the matching golf balls I found at home! Cute much?

The WHY-OH-GEE. Apparently that's what they've been calling themselves!


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