Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mr Idiotic

Am mad angry now. I'd usually tweet about such things, but twitter can't support an influx of words, so here goes.

Had to be the hub's chauffeur. He's been working till pretty late due to the impending Youth Olympics. Everyone's doing last minute preparations, which could have been done way before. Anyway, that's another story altogether. Here's the conversation between an Indian security guard (who was clearly on his mobile chatting merrily with his sweetheart) and I.
Location: Drop-off point at one of the venues

HIM: you can't park here
ME: i'm not parking. I'm picking someone up. He's coming in 1min.
HIM: no cannot. for YOG only
ME: yes, he's a YOG staff
HIM: no cannot
ME: why not? then where do you expect me to wait?
HIM (pointing to the main road): there!
ME: how can i wait there? it's a double yellow line plus it's right after a sharp bend. Hazardous! Can't you just spare me a minute? He's really walking out now as we speak!
HIM: no cannot. You are blocking the way
ME: I'm not blocking at all!! (looks behind to see only a stationary lorry with a driver doing some unloading)

For your information, that area isn't a loading and unloading place. In fact, it looks like a proper driveway for dropoffs and pickups. Where else would parents or the YOG bus for that matter stop and alight athletes? it's in the heart of the city where heaps of taxis weave in and out dangerously. Furthermore, there weren't any signage saying that area was only for YOG cars! there weren't any "GIVE WAY" signs and more importantly, no loading and unloading signage! This whole episode has rendered me breathless literally. I'm hyperventilating as I type and the heart's palpitating so fast, I can't calm myself down to sleep. Great. Just what I need in preparation for a hectic Saturday. All thanks to Mr Idiotic!


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